The 6 best destinations to pick for your valentine’s day
The 6 best destinations to pick for your valentine’s day
Last updated: Dec 20, 2023

Our recommendations for this year’s Valentine’s day to make this day unforgettable

The day that is dedicated to celebrating love has always been a debate between the ones who are actually entertaining the idea of this day and the ones who don’t find anything special about it. To whichever side you belong to, we gathered a few quite romantic destinations to visit at this year’s Valentine’s day even if you are celebrating or not. 

1. New York

February 14th is just around the corner and you still have no plans or ideas for romantic getaway destinations. Why not treat yourself and your significant other with a trip to NYC? Once you’re there, take a romantic walk on Brooklyn Bridge. If you’ve ever been to New York, you have most likely seen the bridge yet even more likely, have avoided taking a stroll on it because it sounded too touristy. Though you should give it a chance because tons of fresh air and magnificent views are guaranteed. Also, it is completely free so you could spend what you have saved on one of many lavish restaurants located all around the city. With over 68 restaurants holding at least one Michelin star, any couple will find a perfect place to fine dine at. After your romantic dinner, the next destination could be The Empire State Building, which is the most popular valentines day spot in the entire city. While there, you can propose, marry, or even renew your vows! End this wonderful day with a nighttime river cruise. Since New York is surrounded by water, a boat ride or a romantic river cruise around the city is a must-do activity for Valentine’s. Before starting your tour around the NYC, you can use LuggageHero storage right next to Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station.


2. Paris

Paris, otherwise known as the world’s capital of love, has lots to offer for Valentine’s day. There is so much more to Paris than just the Eiffel Tower. No matter if you’re an art, or fine dining lover there is something for everyone to enjoy in this gorgeous city. Since love has always been one of the greatest inspiration sources for artists, you can visit a Rodin museum that has the world-famous statue “The Kiss”, which has become a symbol of love to many. On the other hand, simply taking a walk through the Parisian streets could satisfy the need for beauty and culture, considering that most streets in Paris are art galleries in itself. While on your tour, why not try French pastries and chocolates in local stores around you. In the evening, you could go on a romantic quest in order to find one of the secret Parisian bars located all around the city. Most of these gems are hidden quite well, with no markings on the door and hidden entrances, so good luck on your search! For a luggage-free trip, you can drop off your luggage right next to Vavin Metro Station one of LuggageHero spots.

3. Boston

Boston is probably not the first city anyone would think of when we talk about romance, however, it will surprise you with the number of romantic activities someone could enjoy there. When you visit the harbor you will be able to hop on an evening cruise and taste different champagnes and chocolate-covered strawberries under the sounds of a live jazz band. For the more adventurous, helicopter renting is a thing and it can also serve you with amazing views of the whole city and instagrammable moments. Couples can also try their skills in ice skating at the charming Frog Pond for a few rounds on the ice and trust us it is fun even if you can’t stand on your own feet for a second. Whatever you choose to do, a LuggageHero spot is there for you to experience all these activities “luggage free”. Why don’t you look into dropping your staff here; Marvelous Barber lounge.

4. Rome

Can we make it legal to spell “Rome-antic” like that and still be acceptable? Because there is no other place than Rome that can be so suitable for this year’s lovebirds. From Vespa rides across the river and uphill the Janiculum Hill, in the Monteverde district, to long-lasting walks around Villa Borghese and a romantic candlelight dinner with a panoramic view of Fontana di Trevi is a few of the things you can arrange for this year’s Valentine’s day. Last but not least, getting away from the busy streets of Rome, the  Aventine Hill, and more specifically, The Giardino Degli Aranci (Orange Garden) is the perfect place to enjoy mouth-dropping views of the city with your other half. When carrying your luggage around these activities won’t be as fun. That’s why you can drop them off at Hotel California which is one of the LuggageHero storage spots in Rome.

5. Chicago

If you are looking for a unique destination for Valentine’s look no further, Chicago is the perfect place for you. For a fun, Valentine’s day activity go on a scavenger hunt for art installations, murals, and sculptures that can be found throughout the entire city. Such a trip will undoubtedly be accompanied by sharing many great ideas and conversations, even though you both will most likely be lost for words when stumbling upon each new art piece. Don’t feel like exploring the city by yourselves? Then you can join a guided tour around the city, called Love Stories of Chicago, where you will visit all of the most romantic places that this city has to offer. In case you are adrenaline lovers, Chicago has got you covered with a date full of adrenaline rush. There is a speedboat tour around the shore of Lake Michigan where you can see many iconic scenes that could have otherwise been missed if you chose to explore the city otherwise. To relax, spend your romantic evening marveling at Chicago Skyline while sipping wine and sitting comfortably in one of the close-by rooftop bars. Upon your arrival in Chicago, leave your luggage safely at one of the LuggageHero locations right next to Millennium Station and start exploring the city!

6. Vienna

Valentine’s day in Vienna is never boring and here is the proof. Classical music, cakes, and hot chocolates are a few of the things that make this city famous, especially in this romantic season. Therefore, we encourage you to taste the amazing chocolate cakes and the well-known hot chocolate “Viennois” you could literally find in all of the patisseries in every corner of the city. In order to experience the ultimate music evening, you could pay a visit to “The Sala Terrena” which is the oldest concert hall in Vienna where Mozart himself played in this historic place with the beautiful frescos and the late Venetian Renaissance style that can make the scene for the perfect date night with your significant other. Ice-skating is a pretty common activity for couples in the city since there is a huge ice rink in front of Vienna City Hall, you can ice skate on two different levels,  and definitely, the most romantic routes lead along the many winding paths of the park. To get rid of the weight of your luggage in Vienna, LuggageHero spot “Hotel pension Stadtpark” situated in the heart of the city can take care of your stuff safely


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