Where Can Americans Travel Right Now?
Where Can Americans Travel Right Now?
May 26, 2021

Last updated: 11.06.2021

Things have changed a lot in the last month. Just up until recently, traveling in or out of the US was almost impossible. However, things are slowly changing. Passport holders in the United States currently have more foreign travel options than they did before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the pandemic began, the number of cases in the United States has surpassed 33.2 million, although the pace has recently slowed. The United States ranks first among countries with populations of more than 100 million people in terms of vaccination rates.

Traveling to Europe from the US

Some of the current highlights include:

On Wednesday, May 19, the European Union announced that it will open its borders to completely vaccinated vacationers from countries with low Covid-19 infection rates. US people who have been vaccinated will have to wait to see if this move opens up travel to the country this summer.

On May 14, entry restrictions to Greece were officially relaxed, allowing vaccinated travelers and those with a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken not more than 72 hours prior to arrival to enter.

In April, Iceland, a member of the European Economic Area, opened its borders to vaccinated visitors.

In Croatia, vaccinated travelers are also welcome, as are those who show a negative PCR test or evidence of recovery from a Covid-19 test within the last 180 days and at least 11 days before their arrival.

And there is more!

Cyprus reopened to vaccinated tourists from 65 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

What are some of the best countries to travel to right now? 

We highlighted some of the best EU countries to travel to now above. Here, you can see our favorite picks for travel from the US right now, presented with their current restrictions and rules. The highlights are:

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The Bahamas 

The Bahamas, a renowned tourist destination among Americans, are now welcoming American visitors to their beautiful islands. However, there is a bit of work that one has to do to enter the county – travelers must fill out a Travel Health Visa application and submit a COVID-19 examination that was negative no more than five days prior to arrival. Visitors must also purchase health insurance that covers them for the duration of their stay (the cost of which is included in the Travel Health Visa application fee). On the fifth day, anyone staying on the island for more than five days must take a rapid antigen test. Fines would also be imposed on those who travel across the Bahamas without wearing face masks.


Travelers (over the age of 5) will be able to visit this Caribbean paradise if they complete an online travel form at least 24 hours before their flight and have a negative coronavirus test result within 72 hours of their arrival. Even if the test is negative, travelers must quarantine for a minimum of five days in a licensed hotel or villa before taking another test to be released. Fully vaccinated travelers will also need to take a test to have a negative outcome before leaving, but they will be able to move around the island after getting a second negative result from their test upon arrival. It is not the best because of the 5 day quarantine, but if you have a lot of time on your hands it is worth it to visit the beautiful paradise.

Costa Rica

All U.S. people are welcome to visit this Central American country, which is known for its lush landscape and pristine beaches.  Costa Rica no longer needs tourists to request a COVID-19 test that was negative less than 72 hours prior to their arrival. Visitors must, however, buy or display evidence of medical insurance to cover any potential coronavirus-related expenses, as well as fill out health pass forms, according to the website of the US Embassy in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican government also has the authority to limit the length of time visitors can stay in the country. Easy to travel to and definitely worth it!


If you’re traveling to Egypt from the United States, you’ll need to provide physical evidence of a negative COVID-19 examination taken no more than 72 hours before your arrival (though because of the long flight time from the U.S., a document no more than 96 hours old will suffice). Although no quarantine is needed for American visitors, there may be some restrictions on travel within the country. You must be careful to check out the actual rules before going. On the embassy’s website, you can learn more about unique interstate travel restrictions.

South Korea

A bit different than the other destinations – South Korea can be incredibly interesting to visit. We were surprised to find out that one can actually visit South Korea right now. A negative Covid-19 PCR test result taken within 72 hours of departure is needed for US visitors to South Korea. Even with a negative test or complete vaccination, US travelers must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. You must also agree to health screenings and download a regular report self-diagnosis app and make sure to fill out the app daily.

International Travel – should you go?

Even though countries are opening up, there are still a lot of risks involved with traveling from the US (or from anywhere else, really). Therefore, you must determine whether or not traveling to foreign destinations is a good idea. The dangers to one’s wellbeing are apparent. The virus has evolved into different strains and most nations have the ability to alter their laws, rules and restrictions at any time. You may be required to follow strict curfews and wear a mask in places where you really would not want to wear one on your holiday. Violations can result in hefty fines and even prison time so you must be very careful with your choices.

Below you can find a summary of the current opened countries grouped in whether you can go without any restrictions upon entry, whether you need to have a PCR test or whether you need a vaccine to enter.


Can enter without anything Require a test before departing Require a test after departing Require a vaccine Impose a quarantine Request other documents Proof of contracting COVID-19 Others
Albania X
Antigua and Barbuda X May be impose
Armenia X Examination immediately upon arrival Treatment expenses should be covered by the arriving person
The Bahamas If not vaccinated Must have a health COVID insurance
Bangladesh X X Can be exempted of a test if
Barbados X X If not Vaccinated Use BIMSafe travel application
Belize If not vaccinated Or Use Belize Health application
Bermuda X If non-immunised Request a travel authorization
Bolivia X X X
Bosnia and Herzegovina X
Botswana X If you fail to provide test result
Brazil X Health declaration
British Virgin Islands X X X Travel certificate $175 of fee
Colombia X X Or
Costa Rica Complete a health pass form A proof of a travel medical insurance
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) X Travel declaration form
Croatia X Or Or Official entry form mandatory Or
Cyprus X X (in Republic of Cyprus) Provide documentation from a licensed health care Or
Dominica X X X Immigration and Customs form Can be tested again after a certain number of days
Dominican Republic An electronic entry and exit form
Aruba X Health assessment + embarkation and disembarkation card + Aruba Visitors Insurance
Bonaire X Online health declaration form
Curaçao X Digital immigration card and passenger locator card
Sint Maarten X Mandatory health authorization application.
Ecuador If not vaccinated Or
Egypt X Or
Ethiopia X X
France X X
French Polynesia X X If not vaccinated or with no proven immunity Online ETIS form
Georgia If not vaccinated If not vaccinated: application form
Ghana X A second test that costs $150
Greece If not vaccinated Online passenger locator form
Grenada X Only 48h of quarantine for vaccinated people Have health insurance that covers Covid-19 illnesses + apply for travel authorization
Guatemala If not vaccinated or with no proven immunity Online health pass Or
Honduras X In some circumstances Online precheck form
Iceland X Can be required to quarantine Pre-registration form before arrival Or
Ireland X X Passenger locator form
Italy X X
Jamaica X Or X Online travel authorization form
Jordan X Or
Kenya X Arriving visitors have a QR code. Departing travelers have a TT code (Trusted Travel initiative)
The Maldives X
Malta Public Health Travel Declaration and the Passenger Locator forms Being in an EU country for 14 days before to be eligible to enter Malta
Mexico X
Montenegro If not vaccinated or without proof of contracting COVID-19
Morocco X Have reservations with a Moroccan hotel or travel agency or be invited by a Moroccan company and fly directly from the US
Namibia X Or Required in some circumstances
Nepal X X X Proof you’ve booked accommodation and proof of travel insurance
Nicaragua X
North Macedonia X Do not arrive from India, Brazil or Africa (if so, quarantine)
Panama X Online health affidavit
Peru X Can be suspend with a test Affidavit of health
Rwanda X X 24h quarantine while awaiting the result of the test
Senegal X
Serbia X
Seychelles X Travel authorization Valid health insurance to cover Covid-19 related costs
South Africa X
South Korea X X Submit to health screenings Use self-diagnosis app with daily reports
Spain X X or
St. Kitts and Nevis X If vaccinated, shorter quarantine and looser restrictions Travel authorization form
St. Lucia X X Travel registration form
St. Vincent and the Grenadines X X X Prearrival form
Tanzania X Health surveillance form
Thailand X X Certificate of entry
Tunisia If not vaccinated If not vaccinated Online questionnaire
Turkey X Form for entry
Turks and Caicos X Travel authorization form Online health questionnaire + carry travel medical insurance
Uganda X X
United Arab Emirates X Depend on the Emirate Tourist visa
United Kingdom X X Declaration form The rules can vary according to the location
Zambia X X



Overview last updated on 11.06.2021