Lisbon Coronavirus Updates
Lisbon Coronavirus Updates

Lisbon Coronavirus Information

Updated: August 13th 2020

Here you have all the latest information on airports, public transport, attractions and rules and regulations on one page. We’re committed to keeping you informed so you can take the necessary measures and be one step closer to getting back to your normal life or get back home safely once the coronavirus in Lisbon is no longer a threat.

Get an overview of the current coronavirus precautions in Lisbon and in Portugal by clicking on their Government of Portugal page. Further information, in Portuguese, is available on the Portuguese Health authority website.




Is it safe to travel?

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Lisbon Coronavirus Latest News

(Published in the last 24 hours)

  • COVID average: 4 a day this month
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  • Portugal’s Azores Breached Constitution by Imposing Quarantine on Visitor
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  • Covid-19: Portugal to present epidemiological report with UK criteria
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  • Galicia removes Portugal from the risk list
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  • Portugal Fashion and Springkode to bring together designers and industry Volume 90%
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Lisbon Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

  • The Portuguese Prime Minister advises all passengers to avoid long-distance travels unless absolutely necessary 
  • Air traffic to Lisbon is limited and international trains also run with adapted timetables
  • Prohibited air traffic to and from Portugal on all flights to and from countries outside the European Union, with the exception of:
    1) Countries associated with the Schengen Area (Liechenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland);
    2) Portuguese speaking countries; from Brazil – only flights from and to São Paulo and to and from Rio de Janeiro are admitted;
    3) The United Kingdom, the United States of America, Venezuela, Canada and South Africa, given the presence of important Portuguese communities
  • The border with Spain reopened on July 1 2020
  • Travellers on cruise ships are not allowed to disembark unless they are Portuguese or Portuguese residents
  • Recreational vessels and private yachts are not permitted to dock, except for refuelling or taking on supplies
  • Passengers may only disembark to return to their country of origin and once they have completed 14 days’ self-quarantine on board, starting from the day the vessel entered Portuguese territorial waters
  • Information for tourists:If you have symptoms and believe you need to be evaluated for Covid-19, please call (+351) 808 24 24 24
    Or email:

Lisbon Airport Information

Official websites are doing a great job at keeping travellers well-updated and at providing the latest information. You can read about the impact of coronavirus on your travel arrangements on the official websites of Lisbon’s airports. Check with your airline company to find out about any alterations of your travel plans. For airport passenger information regarding Covid-19 regulations and updates click here

Find out more here:

Lisbon Public Transport

Public transport services are operating at reduced levels. Though not mandatory, the Portuguese health authority has advised the use of a non-surgical mask in enclosed public spaces, such as on public transport.

Keep up to date on public transit here:

Lisbon Attractions

Most Lisbon attractions have started to reopen. Here, you can keep yourself informed on attraction reopenings, daily opening and closing times and information on reduced capacity.

In the case that certain locations close again due to changes in restrictions, you can still enjoy some of these attractions after they are open again if you are staying in Lisbon for a longer period of time.

Here is the list of Lisbon’s iconic attractions and their official websites with the latest updates:

Rock in Rio, the world’s largest music show to be held in Lisbon from 20 -28 June has been postponed until 2021. The municipality has also announced that Festas de Lisboa will not take place in June.

All attraction websites update the information about when they will be open again on their websites. Please check these websites regularly to stay tuned.

protect yourself from coronavirus

Governmental Rules and Regulations in Lisbon

If you are stuck in a hotel room in a foreign country, we also gathered all the information about airports, public transport, and attraction information on one page in order to make things a little easier for you.

Here are the key takeaways and rules to follow set by the Portuguese Government, which apply in Lisbon as well as in other cities in the country. Please visit the official website of the Portuguese Government to see if any changes have been made.

  • Portugal declared a state of emergency on 18 March; this activated a series of measures including significant restrictions on movement throughout the country
  • Public gatherings are banned
  • It is forbidden to be outside with more than 5 people, unless it is a family
  • Citizens advised to use face masks in social interactions and in confined spaces
  • Most shops other than those selling food or other essential items such as pharmacies are closed
  • All citizens have been instructed to remain at home unless they need to carry out one of the following activities:
    – buy food or other essential items
    – go to work if unable to work from home
    – go to hospital or health centres
    – take care of the elderly
    – to exercise outdoors or walk pets (for a short period of time, never in groups)
  • Though not mandatory, the Portuguese health authority advises the use of a non-surgical mask in enclosed public spaces, such as in supermarkets, shops and pharmacies and on public transport
  • Lisbon City Council also announced the suspension of all parking fees on municipal property as well as the possibility of rent exemptions for households that have lost their sources of income
  • Authorities are aiming to relax some of the measures devised to stem the spread of the coronavirus next month (May)
  • New rules on self-isolation and going back to work or school will be introduced every two weeks, as their impact is assessed
  • Returning “to normal” will only happen once there is a vaccine, Minister Costa warned

It is necessary to follow governmental restrictions in Lisbon and minimise your social interactions to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. It’s important not to panic but it’s also very important to be careful.

What to do while currently in Lisbon

  • Food delivery

The coronavirus situation doesn’t need to prevent you from trying delicious food and keeping your body fuelled and healthy. You can visit Glovo Lisboa and Takeaway or other delivery websites, pick anything you have cravings for and have it delivered to your location.

  • Communicating with your loved ones

You can use this time to reconnect with your loved ones through different video options online. Keeping everyone up-to-date about yourself, making sure everyone is healthy and well and “making someones’ day” by giving them a good laugh is a great way to maintain strong relations even when you cannot physically spend time together.

Virtual coffees and dinner dates with a friend, family member, a loved one, or a “double-date” even with another couple is the thing to do during these corona times. Why not enjoy someones’ company while everyone stays in the comfort of their home? Times like these sometimes ask us to adapt to another lifestyle, but why not make the best of it?

  • Read/Write

If you’re at home, you probably have a shelf full of books that you’ve always wanted to read but never got to. Or perhaps you have some texts that you’ve saved on your phone under “read later.” This is the perfect time to take your mind off the current stressful situation and dive into a literary world, at least for a an hour or two a day.

Also, writing or keeping a journal and getting those thoughts and feelings out on paper can be a true stress reliever during times like these.

  • Watch a Portuguese-themed movie

If you can’t explore the city because of the restrictions, you can watch a Spanish movie instead! We all know that feeling when we watch a movie, we see a scene filmed where we’ve been and we scream ‘I’ve been there!” How about watching a movie about Lisbon while you are in Lisbon? It suddenly changes your current experience of the city. Here is a list of the 10 Best Portuguese Movies of All Time.

  • Get some fresh air on your balcony or take a walk around your premises when permitted

Although social distancing during these times is very important, going outdoors for some fresh air and a quick walk are just as important for our health. We suggest talking a walk around your living premises when the time permits, making use of your backyard if you have one or simply going on your balcony more frequently during the day.

The entire LuggageHero team wishes you good health and positive vibes!

It’s important that we all follow the measures set by the authorities and protect ourselves and others. By social distancing and taking care of our hygiene, we are lessening the change of the virus spreading. Every individual matters. If coronavirus spreads this fast, imagine how contagious some love and a smile are?


Once the situation is safe again and we are ready to explore and travel again, check our luggage storage Lisbon guide and LuggageHero sites in Lisbon.