Luggage Storage Rossio railway station

Luggage Storage Rossio railway station

Only luggage storage to offer choice of hourly or daily rates in Rossio railway station

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Bagageopbevaring Rossio railway station

Luggage Storage Rossio Railway Station

Are you looking for luggage storage at Rossio Railway Station? You can store your bags with one of our luggage storage locations just around the corner from Rossio and explore Lisbon hassle-free.

You can check locations where you can safely store your luggage below on our map:

LuggageHero storage sites are certified hotels, cafes, and shops. Advance bookings ensure space for your bags. The address and directions to our partner shops are available at the time of booking. All bags are sealed off with our security seal insuring each piece of luggage up once you have dropped off your bags and started our storage on your booking page.


Store your luggage and explore lisbon hassle free


Rossio Railway station

The Rossio Railway station was formerly known as the Central Station in Lisbon. The station was built in one of the most important squares of Lisbon, the Rossio, and connected the city to the region of Sintra. Rossio Station is located in the Baixa district of Lisbon in the Rossio Square, which is connected to the Sintra/Lisboa urban railway.

Rossio Station is located in the center of Lisbon which makes it a perfect occasion to drop-off your luggage and explore the square, shops or even walk towards the beach and chill for a bit there. From Rossio Station, you have direct access to Cais Do Sodre, Avenida, Alameda. From Cais Do Sodre you can take the tram to Belém and Alcantara-Mar.

Being the main terminus for trains to Sintra makes it important for tourists. Trains depart from Rossio frequently and it is a quite inexpensive direct service to Sintra.

Rossio Station offers toilets, a public phone, ATMs, bars, and shops.

The ticket office is open from Monday to Friday from 6:45 am to 11 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 11 pm.


Luggage storage in Rossio Railway Station

LuggageHero’s Rossio Railway storage sites are certified hotels, cafes, and shops. Making an advance booking ensures space for your left luggage near Rossio Railway Station, and should your travel plans change you can easily cancel your booking at any time. The address and directions are made available at the time of booking and are emailed to you.

LuggageHero uses a storage timer to calculate the hours spent. When arriving at our storage location near Rossio Railway Station, you will start the storage timer on your booking page. Stopping the storage timer upon collection will process payment automatically. All bags are sealed off with our security seals ensuring each piece of luggage up to €2500 per bag. 

After storing your bags near Rossio Station

After you store your bags, you can enjoy the beauty of Praça Dom Pedro IV, an ancient square built in medieval times. This area is also called Rossio Square and is an important center of Lisbon. The square provides a lot of charm with its monument and fountain, many historic buildings, jewelry stores, bars, souvenir shops and interesting cafes.  The square is the perfect place for you to take some pictures from your trip to Lisbon.

Just a few meters away, you can check out a unique store called The Fantastic World Of Portuguese Sardines where you can enjoy a variety showcasing fancy tins of Portuguese sardines in a wacky, circuslike atmosphere. Not so far from there, you can also check out the Portuguese National Theater presenting arts & dance productions in a rebuilt, 19th-century palace.  The Santa Justa lift is also just a short walk away. It is a cast-iron elevator with filigree details, built in 1902 to connect lower streets with Carmo Square. There is a lot to do and see around Lisbon and Rossio Station if you don’t need to drag your luggage around! 


How to safely store luggage during COVID-19 in Lisbon

It’s our common responsibility to try our best, and take care of each others. Remember that every little thing counts!

  • Remember following the current measures and guidlines to avoid the spread of the virus
  • Show consideration to your fellow travelers – keep distance when possible!
  • If you can, wear a mask before and after dropping your luggage
  • When possible, wash your hands before and after visiting our certified shops – or use hand sanitizer!
  • If you are sick, or think you contracted the virus – STAY HOME!

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Frequently asked questions about Lisbon

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lisbon and luggage storage.

Can you store luggage at Rossio railway station?

Yes, you can store your luggage at the station. With our LuggageHero App you can check the exact location where you can store your luggage.

Is it safe to store your luggage at Rossio railway station?

It is totally safe to store your baggage with LuggageHero as the insurance is automatically included up to 2500€. Furthermore, every item is carefully covered in security seal.

How much does it cost to store your luggage?

It is 1€ for an hour and it is never more than 8€ per day (24 hours).

What are the opening hours of ticket service at Rossio railway station ?

The ticket office is open from Monday to Friday from 6:45 am to 11 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 11 pm.

When is the best time to visit Lisbon?

The best time to visit Lisbon is either late spring or early autumn. Winters tend to be wet and rainy and summer might be too touristy and hot.

What is Lisbon famous for?

Lisbon is known for its chill vibe and magnificent architecture. It is also famous for its iconic trams and beaches.

What currency is used in Lisbon?

The whole Portugal uses Euro (€) as their national currency.

How much time do I need to explore Lisbon?

The main attractions and sights you can cover in 2 days, but to truly enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of this charming city, you might need 4-5 days.