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Luggage Storage Prague

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Sie sind gerade am Flughafen Prague angekommen und Sie möchten in den Tag starten? Das kann schwierig werden, wenn Sie nicht direkt ins Hotel oder in die Ferienwohnung einchecken können und Ihre Koffer Sie zurückhalten. Statt dessen können Sie Ihr Gepäck auch einfach in Prague lagern.

Denken Sie das nächste Mal wenn Sie in Prague sind, dass LuggageHero Ihren Tag rettet! Sie können auf der Karte die besten Orte sehen, um Ihr Gepäck zu lagern. LuggageHero ist der einzige Anbieter von Gepäckaufbewahrungsmöglichkeiten, der Stunden- oder Tagesraten für maximale Flexibilität anbietet. 

Geben Sie Ihr Gepäck in einem der lokalen Geschäfte oder Hotels aus dem Netzwerk von LuggageHero in Prague ab. 

Gepäckaufbewahrung war noch nie einfacher! Gehen Sie einfach auf die Reservierungsplattform von LuggageHero, um einen praktischen Lagerort in einem Geschäft zu finden – alles von uns verifiziert. Mit unserer Karte können Sie die Geschäfte finden, die am nächsten an großen Transportdrehscheiben und den beliebtesten Besucherattraktionen sind, und dort Ihr Gepäck lagern.

Effortless Luggage Storage Prague Solutions: Store Your Bags Safely & Affordably

Looking for luggage storage in Prague? This guide offers quick and easy solutions for dropping off your bags at numerous secure locations around the city. With transparent pricing and a variety of convenient spots near major sights, you’ll be able to enjoy the city with peace of mind. Let’s delve into the options for luggage storage in Prague.

Key Takeaways

  • LuggageHero provides convenient and secure luggage storage options across Prague, with both hourly and daily rates tailored to travelers’ needs.
  • The service features easy booking through a user-friendly website or mobile app, and each storage point offers strict safety measures, including security seals and insurance of up to €2500.
  • Strategically located near popular attractions and transport hubs, LuggageHero enables travelers to explore Prague’s beauty and culture without the hassle of carrying luggage.

Luggage Storage in Prague: A Comprehensive Guide

Experience Prague, a city teeming with captivating architecture and stories, without the burden of lugging suitcases along its cobblestoned paths. LuggageHero emerges as your knight in shining armor, a luggage storage service offering both hourly and daily rates, ensuring your travel tales are not weighed down by the burden of baggage. The moment you entrust your ski gear or camera equipment to LuggageHero, their innovative and eco-friendly storage solutions offer secure protection. This allows you to lose yourself in Prague’s charm without any worries.

Customers consistently laud the convenience and simplicity LuggageHero provides, underlining the ease of booking and storing luggage in Prague. Whether you’re popping into a café for a quick espresso or planning an extensive tour around Prague Castle, LuggageHero’s benefits include:

  • Affordable rates
  • Exceptional value
  • Peace of mind
  • No need to dig too deep into your pockets

These benefits allow you to explore with ease and without worrying about your luggage, thanks to the airport express bus.

LuggageHero’s Unique Features

At the heart of LuggageHero’s uniqueness lies a flexible pricing model that adapts to your needs. Whether you’re in Prague for just a few hours or planning an extended stay, you can pay by the hour or opt for a daily rate, ensuring you only pay for the time you need. The unparalleled convenience doesn’t end there; with a vast network of local shops and hotels that serve as storage points, you’re never too far from a secure spot to store your luggage.

Ensuring absolute security is paramount, and each LuggageHero location reinforces this commitment. Regular inspections ensure that each partner location meets strict safety standards, offering you the assurance that your belongings are in good hands. In Prague, where every moment is precious, having quick access to secure luggage storage facilities means more time to enjoy the city’s treasures.

How to Book Luggage Storage with LuggageHero

Booking luggage storage with LuggageHero is a process as seamless as the flow of Prague’s Vltava River. With a few taps on their user-friendly website or mobile app, available for both iOS and Android users, you’re well on your way to hands-free exploration.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter your desired location – be it near the majestic Prague Castle or the bustling Wenceslas Square.
  2. Specify the duration of storage.
  3. Specify the number of bags.
  4. Voila! Your booking is complete.

A confirmation email will swiftly follow, with all the details you need, including the exact address of your chosen storage spot and instructions for a seamless drop-off and pick-up. When you arrive, you can easily start and stop the storage timer, ensuring you only pay for the time you’ve used. It’s this level of detail and consideration that makes LuggageHero the go-to choice for travelers seeking reliable luggage storage in Prague.

Luggage Storage Locations in Prague

The beauty of LuggageHero’s service lies in its strategically placed storage facilities across Prague. Whether you’ve just arrived by train or you’re meandering near the iconic Charles Bridge, you’ll find a convenient spot to leave your luggage and begin your adventure. LuggageHero ensures a secure location is always within reach, enabling unencumbered exploration of Prague’s historic streets, charming cafes, and remarkable landmarks.

From the bustling surroundings of Praha Hlavní Nádraží, Prague’s main train station, to the serene ambiance near St. Vitus Cathedral, the array of LuggageHero locations ensures that no matter where your travels take you, a luggage storage solution is within reach. Whether you’re catching a glimpse of the Astronomical Clock or taking in the gothic splendor of the Old Town Square, having a safe place to store your bags means you get to experience all that Prague offers with the utmost convenience.

Near Train Stations

Navigating through Prague with ease starts with knowing your luggage is securely stored. Whether you’re arriving at Prague Airport or Praha Hlavní Nádraží, the city’s main railway hub, you can connect to convenient luggage storage options nearby. A network of local shops and hotels, all part of the LuggageHero family, are sprinkled around the station, offering travelers an easy drop-off point for their belongings.

For those arriving or departing from the equally significant Praha Masarykovo Nádraží, LuggageHero’s extensive network ensures you’ll find a storage location just as easily. With the help of an intuitive map available on the LuggageHero platform, locating the nearest radical storage facility is a breeze, leaving you more time to explore the city’s vibrant squares and picturesque alleyways.

Close to Popular Attractions

As you weave through Prague’s storied streets, LuggageHero ensures your journey is uninterrupted by heavy bags. Nestled close to the heart of the city, storage facilities are conveniently located near Old Town Square, just a stone’s throw away from the centuries-old Astronomical Clock and the bustling Republic Square. With LuggageHero, your exploration of Prague’s landmarks, like the Jan Hus Monument and Kinský Palace, becomes a leisurely experience, unburdened by your luggage.

Even the picturesque Charles Bridge, a symbol of Prague’s historic allure, is accompanied by nearby luggage storage options, allowing you to capture the perfect photograph or simply take in the view without the distraction of your belongings. And for those whose hearts are set on visiting the grand Prague Castle, rest assured that LuggageHero has made it easy to store your bags close by, so you can ascend the hilltop and roam the castle grounds freely.

Pricing and Insurance

In terms of luggage storage, affordability holds equal importance to convenience. LuggageHero takes pride in offering more competitive rates than traditional station and airport lockers in Prague, making it an economical choice for travelers of all kinds. With luggage storage costs starting at just €1 per hour and €4.5 per day, the expense of storing your luggage becomes an afterthought, allowing you to focus on the beauty of Prague instead.

Moreover, the peace of mind that comes with LuggageHero’s insurance coverage is invaluable. Each stored luggage item carries an insurance cover up to €2500, providing protection against the unlikely occurrences of loss, theft, or damage. This comprehensive insurance coverage, backed by First Marine Insurance Ltd. and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, is a testament to the trust you can place in LuggageHero.

Hourly and Daily Rates

Flexibility is at the core of LuggageHero’s pricing structure, offering both hourly and daily rates to best suit your itinerary in Prague. Whether you need to store your bags for just a few hours while you grab lunch at a local café or for an entire day as you explore the city’s museums, LuggageHero has you covered with a flat rate starting at €1 per hour and €4.5 per day.

For those embarking on an extended adventure in Prague, the daily rate decreases from the second day onwards, making multi-day storage a cost-effective option. This means you can take day trips outside of Prague or enjoy overnight excursions without worrying about the safety or cost of storing your luggage for longer periods.

Insurance Coverage

In the sphere of luggage storage, assurance is vital, and LuggageHero’s insurance coverage delivers precisely that. Every traveler’s luggage is insured for up to €2500, a generous amount that reflects the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. For those who desire an even greater level of protection, premium insurance can be chosen at the time of booking.

The reliance on First Marine Insurance Ltd., a cover holder for Lloyd’s of London, for underwriting the insurance ensures a robust safety net for your belongings. It’s important to note that for the insurance to be valid, all payments must be made directly through LuggageHero’s platform, as cash transactions are not supported at the storage locations. With this high level of insurance coverage, it’s clear why LuggageHero stands out as a leader in the luggage storage industry.

Safety and Security Measures

In a city as lively as Prague, the assurance of your personal items’ safety can make a world of difference. LuggageHero goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of your stored luggage with measures like verified storage locations and the provision of security seals. The guarantee that each storage spot is off-limits to the general public is another way LuggageHero emphasizes the security of your belongings.

While the specifics of the verification process are kept confidential, you can rest assured that LuggageHero’s security protocols are designed with your safety in mind. These measures, combined with the use of security seals, provide an added layer of protection, so you can enjoy Prague’s splendors without a single worry about the integrity of your stored luggage.

Verified Storage Locations

Every LuggageHero storage location undergoes a meticulous inspection process, ensuring each facility meets the company’s stringent safety and quality standards. This rigorous process includes a physical review conducted by an employee, cementing the trust travelers place in LuggageHero’s services. Only after a location is certified and approved does it become part of the LuggageHero network, ready to secure your luggage.

To enhance the safety of stored goods, public access to storage areas at LuggageHero locations is strictly prohibited. This means your belongings are kept in a secure space, away from prying eyes. And with the help of LuggageHero’s online map, finding these verified luggage storage locations throughout Prague is a straightforward affair.

Security Seals

LuggageHero’s commitment to security is further reinforced by the provision of unique security seals at all storage locations, including luggage lockers. These tamper-proof devices act as a safeguard, indicating whether luggage has been accessed during the storage period. Upon dropping off your luggage to store luggage, you’ll be instructed to thread the security seal through the zipper pulls and take a photo of the sealed bag, with the ID number clearly visible.

Should there be any concern regarding the safety of your luggage, a broken seal or a non-matching ID number serves as a clear sign of interference. This attention to detail is just another way LuggageHero ensures the safety and peace of mind of its customers, making it the preferred choice for secure luggage storage in Prague.

Tips for Using Luggage Storage in Prague

As you prepare to launch into your Prague adventure, a handful of useful tips can optimize your luggage storage experience. Utilizing LuggageHero’s app streamlines the booking process and empowers you with information and control over your luggage storage details. From managing your reservations to staying updated on the opening hours of storage facilities, the app puts the power of planning in your hands.

Plan Ahead

A little foresight goes a long way, especially when it comes to storing your luggage. Planning ahead secures your storage spot and can even snag you discounts for longer storage durations. Remember, LuggageHero accommodates storage needs for a few hours, several days, or even months, giving you the flexibility to tailor your luggage storage to your travel plans.

It’s also wise to be aware of potential fees. Should your plans change, keep in mind that a same-day cancellation fee of €5.00 per bag applies, and additional charges may incur for no-shows. By planning ahead, you can avoid these fees and ensure a seamless luggage storage experience.

Check Opening Hours

Another essential tip for a hassle-free luggage storage experience is to check the operating hours of your chosen storage facility. With varying opening hours across the different locations in Prague, aligning these with your travel itinerary is crucial to avoid any inconvenience. For example, certain facilities near Prague’s main bus station cater to early birds and night owls alike, while others, like Prague Luggage Storage, operate from morning until late evening.

By utilizing the luggage storage app, LuggageHero, you can easily access information on the opening hours of all storage locations, ensuring you can drop off or collect your luggage without any hiccups. This simple check can save you time and prevent any unexpected surprises during your travels.

Exploring Prague Without Your Luggage

The real joy of travel lies in the liberty to explore; and what enables this more than the absence of cumbersome luggage? Liberated from the weight of your bags, crossing the Charles Bridge takes on a new light, and the panoramic views from Prague Castle’s grounds become even more breathtaking. LuggageHero enables this liberty, providing the perfect solution to store your luggage safely while you delve into the cultural feast that is Prague.

Be it interacting with wildlife at the Prague Zoological Garden or admiring the Antique architecture in Old Town Square, being luggage-free amplifies the experience manifold. Strolling through the picturesque Hradčany neighborhood or discovering the historic Lesser Town becomes a journey of pure delight when you’re unshackled by suitcases or backpacks. Each step becomes an opportunity to immerse yourself in the stories and splendor of Prague.

Must-Visit Attractions

Prague’s allure is captured in its myriad of must-visit attractions, each offering a unique glimpse into the city’s soul. The Old Town Square stands as a historical epicenter where you can witness the coming together of architectural grandeur and vibrant city life, with iconic structures like the Church of Our Lady Before Týn and the Astronomical Clock drawing awe-struck crowds. The Charles Bridge, with its array of baroque statues, provides a medieval backdrop perfect for photographers and history enthusiasts alike.

For a touch of modernity, the Dancing House stands out with its contemporary design, a stark contrast to the baroque and gothic buildings that define Prague. The Prague Zoological Garden invites families to enjoy a diverse collection of animals and interactive exhibits, all without the burden of carrying their belongings. For a taste of the local culture, the Vinohrady district’s Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord and the Prague National Theater are not to be missed.

Food and Drink Recommendations

A tour of Prague is incomplete without sampling the local cuisine, and the convenience of LuggageHero’s service facilitates a luggage-free gastronomic journey. Traditional Czech dishes await at renowned establishments like Krcma and U Pinkasů, where you can taste the country’s culinary delights such as marinated sirloin steak and roasted duck. For a more contemporary take on Czech cuisine, restaurants like Kuchyn offer a modern dining experience with a backdrop of stunning views, while Mlýnec presents a sophisticated menu near the gentle flow of the Vltava River.

As the night falls, Prague’s nightlife beckons. Here are some places you can visit:

  • Pubs like Ferdinanda, where you can enjoy local brews and a convivial atmosphere
  • Cozy cafes in Lesser Town, where you can unwind after a day of exploration
  • The historic ambiance of the Municipal House’s cafes
  • Self-service eateries like Havelska Koruna
  • Riverside retreats on Kampa Island

Prague’s food scene is best experienced with both hands-free to indulge in the local fare.


As our journey through the winding streets of Prague comes to an end, it’s clear that the convenience of LuggageHero’s services enriches the travel experience manifold. With easy booking, strategic locations, flexible rates, and robust security measures, the freedom to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities unhindered is at your fingertips. Remember, the next time you find yourself in Prague, let LuggageHero carry the weight of your luggage, so you can carry home memories of adventures had and wonders seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you leave your bags in Prague?

You can leave your bags at various locations in Prague, including the Prague Hlavn Station, Old Town Square, St. Vitus Cathedral, Národn Muzeum, Dancing House, Prague Castle, and Malá Strana. This provides ample options to store your luggage while exploring the city.

Can I store luggage at a hotel if I’m not staying there?

Yes, many hotels will hold your luggage, even if you’re not staying there. Just ask the hotel bellhop, and consider offering a tip for their assistance.

Does Prague train station have luggage lockers?

Yes, the Prague train station does have luggage lockers located at the subway entrance to platforms heading south. You can also find a luggage storage with assistance at the Main Railway Station.

Can I store my luggage for longer periods with LuggageHero in Prague?

Yes, absolutely! LuggageHero offers multi-day storage options in Prague, with decreasing rates after the second day, making it cost-effective for longer periods.


LuggageHero ist der EINZIGE Gepäckaufbewahrungsdienst, der Ihnen die Wahl zwischen Stunden- und Tagesrate in Prague bietet. Eine feste Rate von €4.5 pro Tag und €1 pro Stunde erlaubt es Ihnen, die Option auszuwählen, die Ihnen am besten zu Ihren Bedürfnissen passt. Warum sollten Sie für einen ganzen Tag bezahlen, so wie Sie es bei anderen Gepäckaufbewahrungsdiensten machen müssten, wenn Sie planen nur ein paar Stunden in einer Stadt zu sein?  Alle Gepäckstücke sind gegen Beschädigung, Verlust und Diebstahl versichert und Sie können bei der Buchung die Verwendung eines Sicherheitssiegels für Ihr Gepäck mit auswählen. 

Halber Preis im Vergleich zu Busbahnhof- und Flughafen-Schließfächern

Gepäckschließfächer kosten im Vergleich zum Aufbewahrungsdienst von LuggageHero in der Regel pro Tag das Doppelte.

Bis vor kurzem konnten Reisende Ihr Taschen nur in diesen Gepäckschließfächern unterbringen, was sehr unflexibel war, was die Preise und die Ablageorte angeht. Außerdem bietet LuggageHero Geschäfte an vielen verschiedenen Orten, sodass Sie immer die Möglichkeit haben, Ihr Gepäck an einem sicheren Ort zu verstauen. Anders als Gepäckschließfächer an Busbahnhöfen oder Flughäfen, bietet LuggageHero Stunden- und Tagesraten an. LuggageHero strebt danach eine günstige und flexible Gepäckaufbewahrung anzubieten, die immer in Ihrer Nähe ist. 

Wir bieten mit geprüften Geschäften die Lösung für Ihr Problem mit der Gepäckaufbewahrung

LuggageHero ist hier, um Sie von Ihrem Gepäck zu befreien, sodass Sie Prague ohne Ihre Taschen erkunden können. Gehen Sie einfach auf unsere Buchungsplattform und finden Sie den nächsten und praktischsten Lagerort in einem Laden, einem Hotel oder einem anderen Geschäft.

Alle unsere Standorte in Prague und in unseren anderen Städten sind von uns geprüft. Mit der LuggageHero-Karte können Sie einfach die Geschäfte finden, die in der Nähe von U-bahn-Haltestellen oder Attraktionen sind, und dort Ihr Gepäck lagern. 

Wir lagern alle Arten Gepäck – jede Größe und jede Form

Die Nutzer von LuggageHero können Ihr Gepäck aller Größen und Formen in jeder unserer Standorte lagern. Es ist egal, ob es die Skiausrüstung, das Photo-Equipment oder Rucksäcke sind. Anders gesagt, können Sie Gepäck, Koffer, Taschen oder wie auch immer unsere zufriedenen Kunden das nennen, sicher bei uns aufbewahren, da wir alles unterbringen. LuggageHero-Kunden können wählen, ob die Abrechnung nach Stunden erfolgen soll oder ob Sie unsere Tagesrate haben möchten, egal was Sie lagern möchten.

Wir können Ihr Gepäck für mehrere Tage verstauen

LuggageHero bietet außerdem die Möglichkeit, Gepäck mehrere Tage zu lagern, weil wir wissen, wie wichtig Flexibilität beim Reisen ist.

LuggageHero bietet eine niedrigere Tagesrate, wenn Sie Ihr Gepäck für einen längeren Zeitraum bei uns lassen wollen. Ab dem zweiten Tag bezahlen unsere Kunden nur €4.5 pro Gepäckstück pro Tag.

Laden Sie sich die kostenlose Gepäckaufbewahrungs-App von LuggageHero herunter:

Mit der Gepäckaufbewahrungs-App von LuggageHero geht es noch bequemer und einfacher. Dort können Sie alle Standorte in Ihrer Nähe sehen.

Verwenden Sie LuggageHero überall mit der offiziellen App für iPhone und Android


Wir haben eine Reihe von Geschäften mit verschiedenen Öffnungszeiten, sodass Sie wählen können, was Ihnen am besten passt! Wählen Sie hier das Geschäft aus, um die Öffnungszeiten zu sehen.

Welche Bezahlmethoden werden akzeptiert?

Sie brauchen sich keine Sorgen zu machen, ob Sie die richtige Währung zur Hand haben, wenn Sie online bezahlen. Alle gängigen Kreditkarten werden akzeptiert. Die Geschäfte erhalten kein Bargeld, wenn Sie Ihr Gepäck aufbewahren. Die Versicherung Ihres Gepäcks ist nur gültig, wenn die Zahlung direkt an LuggageHero erfolgt ist.

Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen Gepäckaufbewahrung und Gepäcklagerung?

Gepäckaufbewahrung und Gepäcklagerung sind im Grunde das Gleiche.  Der Begriff Gepäcklagerung wird eher selten genutzt. Gepäckaufbewahrung dagegen wird es in der Regel international genannt, wenn es um die Aufbewahrung von Gepäck geht. Bei beiden geht es um das Bedürfnis der Menschen, ihr Gepäck abzugeben und es später wieder abholen zu können. Ob Sie also nun nach Gepäckaufbewahrung oder Gepäcklagerung suchen, LuggageHero ist hier, um sich um Ihre Habseligkeiten zu kümmern.


Im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen Gepäckaufbewahrungsanbietern, wurden alle unsere Geschäfte in Prague von einem LuggageHero-Mitarbeiter überprüft. Wir versehen jedes Gepäckstück mit einem Sicherheitssiegel und jedes Gepäckstück und sein Inhalt kann bis zu versichert werden.

Sie werden in Prague keinen anderen Gepäckaufbewahrungsanbieter finden, der dasselbe bietet.

Warum sollten Sie Gepäckaufbewahrung in Prague mit LuggageHero buchen?

  • Bequem: Wir sind der einzige Anbieter, der Stunden- und Tagesoptionen anbietet, sodass Sie sich für das entscheiden können, was am besten zu Ihren Plänen passt, zum besten Preis!
  • Flexibel: Von der Aufbewahrung über Nacht bis zu nur wenigen Stunden, unsere Gepäckaufbewahrungs-Optionen sind so flexibel, wie es nur geht! Wir haben sogar einige Geschäfte, in den Sie keine Reservierung brauchen.  Klicken Sie hier, um herauszufinden, welche Geschäfte das sind.
  • Erschwinglich: Unsere Gepäckaufbewahrungs-Einrichtungen bieten das beste Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
  • Vertrauen: Unser Dienst hat die besten und die meisten Rezensionen. 


Für Stornierungen am gleichen Tag oder bei Nichterscheinen wird eine Gebühr in Höhe der Tagesrate von €4.5 pro Gepäckstück fällig.


Auf Basis des unten stehenden Charts, ist LuggageHero die beste Option für Gepäckaufbewahrung in Prague. LuggageHero ist die einzige, die sowohl Stunden- wie auch Tagespreise anbietet mit der Möglichkeit der Versicherung. Gepäckaufbewahrung in Prague war noch nie so einfach!

Der Graph basiert auf den beliebtesten Gepäckaufbewahrungs-Optionen.

  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • LuggageHero
  • Daily, Hourly, & multi-day
  • Up to €2500
  • Yes
  • +140.000
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • NannyBag
  • Daily
  • Up to $1100
  • No
  • 27,802
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • Vertoe
  • Daily
  • Up to $5000
  • No
  • 4,708
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • Radical Storage
  • Daily
  • No
  • No
  • 900

Laden Sie sich unsere kostenlose App herunter

Um es noch bequemer und einfacher zu haben, laden Sie unsere Gepäckaufbewahrungs-App von LuggageHero herunter, mit der Sie ganz einfach alle unsere Standorte in der Nähe von Prague sehen können. Mit unserer Gepäckaufbewahrungs-App können Sie Ihre Taschen in jedem unserer mehr als 1000 Standorte unterbringen.

Verwenden Sie LuggageHero überall mit der offiziellen App für iPhone und Android

Rabatt-Gutscheine – Klicken Sie hierum zu sehen, ob wir aktuell für Prague noch welche haben.

Erfahren Sie, warum KnockKnock empfiehlt, Ihr Gepäck mit LuggageHero zu verstauen. Auch erschienen in der The New York Times, Lonely Planet und CNBC.

Frequently asked questions about Prague

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Prague and luggage storage.

Can I store my luggage in Prague?

Yes, you can store your luggage in several places in Prague. The biggest stations such as Hlavní Nádraží main station and Florenc provide luggage storage services where you pay a fixed price per day. You can also use on-demand luggage storage service by LuggageHero and store your luggage in certified shops and cafés located in popular spots in Prague and with an insurance included in the price.

Is it possible to store my luggage at the Prague Airport?

Yes, you can use luggage storage located in departure hall Terminal 2 open 24/7. It is possible to pay for the storage with a card or in cash.

Can I drink water from tap in Prague?

Yes, it is safe to drink tap water in Prague as well as in the entire Czech Republic. The quality of Czech tap water is very good and you don’t need to buy water at all and just refill your bottle, it’s also much better for the environment.

When is the best time to visit Prague?

If you want to avoid the touristy season, the best time for visiting Prague is in May or September when the temperatures are very pleasant around 18 and 20°C.

How much should I tip in Prague?

Tipping from foreigners is expected in Czech Republic, mainly in Prague. At least 10% of tip is expected or when your bill is e.g. 291 CZK you leave 300 CZK rounding it up.

What is the typical Czech meal I should try while in Prague?

Trying local cousin is part of the travel experience. When if Prague, we recommend to try their apple strudel, goulash, roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings and Pilsner Urquell beer.

Is Prague a safe city?

Prague city is a relatively safe city aside from property crime. It is safe to walk around after dark but be careful on Wenceslas Square when there it’s packed with tourists, there tend to be pickpockets around this area.