Is your hotel only serving your own guests?


Most hotels are equipped with friendly staff, open 24 hours a day, and have space to spare. Often this is not fully utilized as most hotels are only catering to the guests who are checking in to stay at the hotel.

Since 2016, we at LuggageHero have been successfully partnering up with hotels in major cities to add an extra dimension to the service a hotel is usually offering. By offering luggage storage to travelers that are not guests at your hotel, you’re displaying your hotel to a new group of potential clients, while providing a service that’s safe and reliable. It’s simple, but a great way to add value to your existing business, free of charge. Download our exclusive hotel report here.



A new revenue stream for your hotel

€2,500/$3,000 insurance per bag


LuggageHero security seal is attached to your luggage every time you use a LuggageHero

Seamless online process

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The Most Commonly Asked Questions

We know it might be difficult to add a new service to an organisation, and you may wonder how it works in practical terms. Therefore, below we've listed the most common questions hotel managers have asked before signing up

How do we get paid?

When you sign up, you set up a payment account through our provider Stripe. Once you have set it up, all payments run automatically each month.

Can we ask customers for ID?

Yes. If you're more comfortable with asking customers for their ID, you're free to do so.

What customer information do you have?

All customers leave a digital footprint when they book through our online system. We have their information (Card, email, name etc.) in our system.

Is it time-consuming to deal with LuggageHero customers?

No. A standard bag check-in process takes less than a minute due to the online booking process before entering your hotel.

Who is reliable for the content of the bags if something is missing?

We provide insurance on each bag (Up to $3,000/€2500) and if an insurance situation occurs, the customers deals directly with the insurance company and us to solve the matter.

Do you experience a lot of insurance cases?

No. We really don't. Since 2016, we've dealt with less than 5 insurance cases.

Can we check the bags if we feel uncomfortable for any reason?

Yes. The staff is allowed to check a customer's bag before storing it in any case.

How do you keep track of which bookings checked in at our hotel?

Each customers will be asked to start a storage timer through their smartphone. This way we know who has checked in bags in each of our storage points in real time. When they return to pick up their bags, they simply stop the timer to pay for the amount of hours you've stored their bags.

Do we need to charge customers at the hotel?

No. All payments are completed online through our platform.

What if we don't have that much space?

Our platform lets you select the amount of bags you have capacity for. We recommend a minimum of 5. Therefore, any hotel with just a little bit of space can join the concept.

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