Bag Policy in 10 of the world’s biggest stadiums
Bag Policy in 10 of the world’s biggest stadiums
Last updated: Dec 21, 2023

We gathered useful information about bag policy for the biggest stadiums in Europe and USA

Visiting places like stadiums that can potentially host thousands of people per event, it is hard to avoid strict rules regarding safety and security. These rules could also affect bags and items we carry as well as storage of bigger stuff such as suitcases backpacks which can result in either leaving your belongings unattended or even not attending the event at all. We have picked some of the most popular stadiums and their rules and also the solution to your problem given by LuggageHero

1. Wembley 

Rules at Wembley stadium are quite strict due to the fact that all ticket holders are prohibited from bringing any bag into the stadium unless it adheres to the Wembley Stadium regulations. A few of these regulations require inspection of bags upon entry to the stadium, which may include a personal wanding or pat-down. Also, special restrictions apply to merchandise purchases and to any medical reason that prevents the person from adhering to this policy. In general, the following measurements apply;

  1. Bag to be no larger than A4
  2. Height 297mm (11.7 inches)
  3. Width 210mm (8.27 inches)
  4. Depth 210mm (8.27 inches)

Therefore luggage storage is not an option at the Wembley stadium permisses so LuggageHero got you covered in that case. Here you could find a few spots near Wembley Stadium to store safely your luggage.

2. Camp Nou

Although there are no clear regulations regarding the exact size of the bags you are allowed to bring with you to the biggest stadium of Barcelona,  there are a few restrictions that prevent spectators from carrying a few items. For instance, you will be denied the entrance in the stadium if you bring with you bulky objects, such as stepladders, stools, chairs, boxes, backpacks, suitcases, strollers, bicycles, scooters, etc. On top of that, Camp Nou does not provide any kind of lockers for such items, and where they are going to be stored is completely your responsibility. Wouldn’t be way easier if you could have access to a storage facility to leave your stuff there safely? Well, there is a way to do so, and that’s by clicking here in order to find the closest LuggageHero locker in Camp Nou that suits you best. 

3. San Siro

In this huge stadium with a capacity of around 80.000 seats, it is impossible to be able to carry big and heavy bags with you. Specifically, it is stated that only A4 size bags are allowed on the premises and strict control will apply to any item in them. Additionally, there is no designated place for bulky bags and luggage storage in the stadium’s facilities. So in case, you have to check out from your hotel earlier than the game start time or you are backpacking in Lombardia with a few hours stopover for a football game in Milan you can definitely count on us. LuggageHero has a few storage options around San Siro stadium you could absolutely use any time. 


4. Le Parc des Princes

In the heart of Paris, the stadium Le Parc des Princes is hosting numerous events and games with thousands of people visiting every week. Therefore, for security reasons, there are a few rules that apply regarding their bag policy. Voluminous bags and items such as umbrellas and motorcycle helmets must be given to the security at the entrance but with your own responsibility. On the other hand, handbags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, satchels, and briefcases are exempted from the rule. This means that if you carry anything bigger than that you won’t be able to either enter the stadium or store them somewhere in the stadium safely. But, don’t worry at all because LuggageHero made sure to provide you with a few luggage storage spots near Le Parc des Princes so you could enjoy a carefree visit there. Click here to discover more!

5. Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is a baseball park that is located in Chicago, the state of Illinois. This ballpark has been home to the Chicago Cubs since 1916. Based on the 2021 season restriction put in place, Wrigley Field stadium has quite few regulations and a strict bag policy. Bags that are permitted must be:

  • No larger than 9 x 5“ (approximately the size of wallets and purses)
  • medical bags of any size
  • Those with young children can have diaper bags of any size

Other items permitted in the ballpark:

  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Factory-sealed plastic bottles
  • small amount of food packed in a disposable bag

Prohibited beverage items include; cans, alcoholic drinks, glass bottles, thermoses, though in-seat vending is available which means that you can get beverages of your choice while at the Wrigley Field.

It is important to note, this stadium does not offer large bag or luggage storage, though you can find a nearby bag storage location with the Luggagehero.

6. Madison Square Garden

This New York City stadium is an indoor arena used for a variety of purses: basketball, boxing,  ice hockey, wrestling, concerts, ice shows, conventions and other. Madison Square Garden stadium is situated close to Pennsylvania Station, therefore it can be easily accessed even by visitors that do not have a car. Bags that are permitted at the stadium must be smaller than 22” x 14” x 9” and should be able to fit under the stadium seat. 

No outside food or beverages can be brought into the stadium, although it can be bought while at the Madison Square Garden stadium. Other prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Banners
  • Signs
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Video Cameras
  • Laser pointers
  • Bottles and thermoses

Madison Square Garden offers no luggage/bag storage facilities, though guests with extra baggage can store their things safely and conveniently by choosing of the locations here

7. Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium is used for a variety of purposes, such as ; sports, concerts, and others. It is located in Miami Gardens, Florida. This stadium is considered home to such football teams as Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes. It is worth mentioning, Hard Rock Stadium permits bags no larger than 12” by 6” and 12” that are made from clear plastic, for example, ziploc and others. Purses and clutch types of small bags that are approximately the size of a hand (4.5″ x 6.5″) are also allowed, with an exception of a medical bag/items which does not have to fit a size limit. Other permitted items such as phones, keys, and cameras can be carried in a pocket. 

Type of bags that are strictly not allowed to the stadium include but are not limited to:

  • Backpacks
  • Any kind of luggage
  • Briefcases

If your bag is larger than Hard Rock Stadium has allowed their guests to bring, simply choose LuggageHero and find a nearby location that suits you the best.


8. Fenway Park

This baseball park can be found in Boston, in the state of Massachusetts. Fenway Park is home to an American League baseball team – Boston Red Sox. Guests are allowed to bring bags that are no larger than 5″x9″x2″ in size. Conversely, bags that are shaped as backpacks, duffel bags, or tote bags are not permitted to be brought into the ballpark, with the exception of bags with medical equipment and diaper bags. It is worth noting that such items as; smartphones and cameras can be brought to the stadium.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Glass containers
  • Outside food or alcoholic beverages
  • Laser pointers
  • Noisemakers

Even though Fenway Park does not provide options for storing prohibited items in the stadium’s storage facilities, you can pick a location to store your items here.

9. Oracle Park

The largest ballpark in San Francisco, California is home to the San Francisco Giants. There are some regulations that guests of the stadiums should be aware of. Bags larger than 16″x16″x8″ dimensions are not allowed to be brought into the stadium. Blankets and coats are also allowed, though they must be worn and not put into the bags. Before visiting the stadium, guests of Oracle Park should be aware that any kind of backpacks, including even clear ones, are not allowed to be brought into the stadium. In order to avoid long lines, this stadium will direct guests with bags to a specially designated lane for entry. Lastly, If you’re bringing a camera or video equipment with you, remember to fit it inside a bag of permitted size (16″x16″x8″) and not in a separate case. 

Just remember, you can store your larger bags or luggage with LuggageHero in its Oracle Park nearby locations.

10. Lincoln Financial Field

This football stadium is located in Philadelphia, the state of Pennsylvania. Similarly to Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, this stadium only allows its guests to bring clear bags. These bags can be made of plastic, vinyl, or PVC and should not be larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12”. If these dimensions do not suit the visitors, another option is to bring a one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag, such as ziploc. Along with a clear plastic bag, it is permitted to carry a small clutch type bag, with or without any straps that do not exceed 4.5″ 6.5″ in size. With an exception made for those visitors, who need medically necessary items larger than permitted bag dimensions. Type of bags that are not allowed into the Lincoln Financial Field are:

  • Briefcases
  • Fanny packs
  • Backpacks
  • Cinch bags
  • Computer bags
  • Camera bags
  • Luggage

If you have any of the types of bags listed above, find the location here and store it safely.

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