Luggage Storage Heathrow Airport

Luggage Storage Heathrow Airport

Only luggage storage to offer choice of hourly or daily rates in Heathrow Airport

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Luggage storage Heathrow Airport

Imagine this traveling problem

You just landed at Heathrow Airport, and now you will take public transport to get to the city so you can start exploring London. But why do that while dragging your luggage around? Let us take care of your luggage in the meantime!

We have great locations just around the corner from Paddington Station, to where you can get straight taking The Heathrow Express. Another option for you can be to leave your luggage at our certified locations around Victoria Station. Perhaps there is a Harry Potter fanatic traveling with you; in that case, you can always visit King’s Cross Station, and leave your luggage on one of the certified shops around there! The map below helps you navigate where is it best for you to store your luggage.

We have the solution to your luggage storage

You can store your luggage 24/7 in one of our certified locations. Use the search bar up top to specify a station or area in which you wish to leave your bags.

Our partner locations will take good care of your baggage while you explore the surroundings. Don’t waste your day sitting in the airport waiting for your departure. Explore London hassle-free with LuggageHero.

Heathrow Aiport is within easy reach of Central London by public transport. The Heathrow Express will take you straight to Paddington Station. If you have a bit more time on your hand the District Line and Piccadilly line will get you back and forth from Victoria Station to Heathrow Airport.

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The difference between left luggage and luggage storage is the geographic location

Left luggage is luggage that people have left in a designated luggage storage facility. The term ‘left luggage’ is mostly being used in the UK. And luggage storage is a storage facility where people leave their luggage. Luggage storage is the most common name used internationally when referring to storing luggage.

In other words, there is absolutely no difference between the two concepts. They are both defined by people’s need of storing luggage which can be collected at a later time. So whether you are looking for left luggage or luggage storage, LugaggeHero is here to take care of your belongings.

Left luggage with LuggageHero at Heathrow Airport

Find your LuggageHero, book online, and receive directions. All of our locations are certified, all bags are insured for up to  and sealed off with our security seals.

Heathrow Airport London


LuggageHero can help you transform your travel days into holidays. We use local shops, Hotels, hostels, and cafes as temporary storage units giving you a convenient, cheap, and easy service to use on your travels. So far LuggageHero has helped travelers with more than 300.000 hours worth of experiences.

While traditional storage facilities gave you few options to explore your destination without spending precious time commuting back and forth, you can now bring your luggage with you and store it nearby while you are out on adventures.

There are left luggage/baggage storage facilities in each terminal at Heathrow Aiport. Baggage and luggage can be stored for a few hours or up to 90 days. 0-3 hours will cost you £7.50 and 3-24 hours will cost you £12.50. Read more here about the options for luggage storage inside the Airport.

We don’t think you have to pay for hours you don’t spend. This is why our counter clock will count the hours you use for luggage storage and thereby calculate the total price. With  per bag and , LuggageHero is the cheapest luggage storage solution in London. We use tamper-proof security seals to seal off your luggage and it is insured for up to 

Download our free bag storage app:

To make things easier, you can download our LuggageHero luggage storage app where you can see all our locations around Heathrow airport.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.

Frequently asked Questions about Heathrow Airport

Here are some of the most often asked questions and answers about Heathrow Airport.

How far is London from Heathrow Airport?

The distance between Heathrow airport and the city centre of London is approximately 24 km. The journey will take around 30 minutes by taxi, 15 minutes by train, 35 minutes by London underground and 50 minutes by bus.

How much does a taxi cost from London to Heathrow Airport?

London taxis are available outside each terminal. The cost to central London is £45–£70 and the journey time is approximately one hour.

Which airlines are flying from Terminal 3 in Heathrow Airport?

Terminal 3 is used by the majority of the members of the Oneworld airline alliance: American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Japan Airlines, LATAM, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, and SriLankan Airlines. British Airways, which also uses Terminal 5, also offers some flights from this terminal.

Does the London Underground go to Heathrow?

The London Underground comes out to Heathrow in the form of the Piccadilly Line. The big attraction is price, frequency and speed. It takes 45-60 minutes to reach most hotels in Central London with trains around every 5 minutes

Are there showers at Heathrow Airport?

No. There are no free public shower facilities landside in any of the five terminals. The lounge that would cost 100 pounds per person is the Number 1 Lounge, it's 30 pounds entry but that's only for the 3 hours directly preceding your outbound flight and costs quite a lot per extra hour.

Is Heathrow Airport open all night?

If you have an early morning flight or a connecting flight with a long layover, the London Heathrow airport offers facilities that make it possible for you to stay overnight without having to book for a hotel outside the grounds. All terminals remain open 24 hours a day and are connected to each other by buses.

Does Heathrow Airport have a hotel?

Day rooms at London Heathrow Airport are routinely available at several of the hotels at Heathrow, serving all passenger terminals (which are numbered 2, 3, 4 and 5). There are only two hotels at Heathrow attached to Terminals 4 and 5 that you can walk to from a passenger terminal that offer day rooms.

Is the Heathrow Expres free?

Heathrow Express trains are free for travel between Heathrow Central station (Terminals 2 & 3) and Terminal 5. There's a train every 15 minutes. Frequent London Underground trains also run between the terminals. The transfer is only free if you use a Transport for London Oyster card or a contactless payment card.

How early should I arrive at Heathrow for my flight?

London Heathrow recommends arriving three hours prior to departure for long-haul and El Al flights, and two hours prior to departure for UK and European flights.