Freeing 36 cities from luggage in 2019

We are adding more than 1500 new luggage storage locations to our community and launching in more than 36 new cities. You can shape LuggageHero by signing up for a shop or joining our sales team.

Giving you, as a traveler, the ability to explore any of our new 36 cities hassle-free is no easy task. You get €30 for signing up for a location in any of the below-mentioned cities and an additional €70 after just 10 completed bookings. Easy money with more than 1.32 billion international travelers around the globe this year. Read more below.

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We are launching in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Paris, Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam and 27 more cities.

Who can be a storage location

✓ Venues – Hotels, hostels, cafes, restaurants, shops, bars, mailboxes – Almost any kind of shop

✓ Locations – Near major traffic hubs, tourist attractions, city centers, popular neighborhoods housing tourists

We keep the right to decline any venue that we see as none profitable – direct any questions to

Benefits of being a LuggageHero storage location

You welcome travelers from around the world! Top up your revenue by storing luggage but more important, increase your foot traffic free of charge.


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