Travel Statistics on Demographics
Travel Statistics on Demographics

Enjoy a range of travel statistics on demographics

How much do millennials travel? What is your target audience? Find statistics on demographics here and feel free to use them in your article or report.

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Travel statistics by demographic

How do different generations travel? Is there a difference between Gen Z, Millennials, and Boomers when it comes to traveling?

Last time we brought you some Millennials’ statistics. Are you curious about how other generations travel? Motivations, destinations, and many more statistics are waiting for you, keep reading!

How Millennials travel – Statistics for 2020

The Millennial generation has been a recurring topic in the last couple of years.

“How Millennials are killing [insert industry]” is perhaps the trendiest theme for articles nowadays.

This generation, named Gen Y as well, includes those born between the beginning of the ’80s to the beginning of the ’90s. These Millennials are tech savvies, independent thinkers, and natural multitaskers. And they like to travel more than any other generation before them.

Today we want to focus on the Millennials’ ways of traveling. Here we bring you so

me statistics: they’ll help you have a better understanding of Millennials and their traveling behavior.


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