Best Travel Blogs Brussels 2019
Best Travel Blogs Brussels 2019
Last updated: Jun 2, 2020

The Top 20 Travel Blogs in Brussels in 2019

After extensive research, we’re proud to announce the 20 best blogs you can find for traveling to Brussels!

The selection process…

Traveling is about experiencing the best of what a new city can offer and a great place to find inspiration is in blogs. However, it can be a jungle to navigate through the many blogs and content you can find online. Therefore, our team has scoured the internet looking for the best travel blogs in Brussels.

The 20 blogs that have made the final list have been selected following a selection according to 4 criteria:

  • Quality of the content
  • The practicality of the tips and pieces of advice
  • Purpose of the blog
  • Originality

In this award, you will find talented photographers, skilled writers, wanderlust addicts, foodies, family travelers, and eco-friendly travelers. Additionally, it is necessary to mention that some websites awarded are not, strictly speaking, travel blogs. However, in every case, the usefulness of their tips or their great content have convinced us to include them.

All 20 blogs have made it as “Best 20 Travel Blogs” meaning the order is random.

We would like to congratulate all the bloggers that made the Top 20 thanks to their awesome work!

The nominated bloggers are more than welcome to put the following code on their website to use the badge and share their nomination with their readers!


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Continents & Condiments

Cedric Lizotte is a restaurant critic from Montreal, Canada. His blog, Continents & Condiments, lists all of his favourite restaurants (and much more!) for over 50 destinations around the world.

Girl With The Passport

Girl with the Passport is a solo female travel blog that wants to inspire other women to get out there and travel on their own. Born out of my mother’s inability to see all the places that she dreamed of, I aspire to live life to the fullest every single day and to help others do the same. I want to show people that no matter who you are, no matter what your circumstances, you too can follow your dreams and travel the world. I travel throughout NYC, Europe, and share my various misadventures that others can learn and grow and become inspired by my dreams, which have become a beautiful reality.

Nomadic Matt

Matt is a true reference in travel blogging. This Boston native is a New York Times best-selling author thanks to his book on money-saving trips. After meeting backpackers in Thaïland, Matt realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to discovering the world full-time and hasn’t stopped traveling since. His blog is an extensive source of information for all types of traveler (Solo Female, Couples, Seniors etc.) thanks his experience of traveling to more than 80 countries in 12 years. This Brussels Travel Guide is a must-read.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is the go-to website for solo and female travel around the world for all women, by women. Kiki is a California native, who, not too long ago left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. Since quitting her job, she has traveled to over 70 countries and has knocked some big adventures of her bucket list.

Lust ‘Till Dawn

Lust ‘Till Dawn is for the modern traveler who loves to wanderlust from dusk ’till dawn. He/she has a discerning palate and plans his trip around delicious restaurants ranging from Michelin awarded establishments to the most delicious hole-in-the-wall spots. Then he’ll fill the rest of his day with beautiful sights and leave plenty of time for walking and soaking in the sights at leisure. Last but not least, the LTD reader likes to learn of truly practical and genuine local tips before embarking on their yearly trip abroad!

Hayley on Holiday

Hayley on Holiday is an Australian-based solo travel blog. I love writing informative posts about my time spent travelling alone overseas and across four continents. I hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and discover the incredible world we live in. I also write about my former expat life in Canada, as I’ve done two working holidays in Vancouver. Follow along for the best budget and solo travel tips for destinations around the world.

Wanderlust with the DeVaulls

Wanderlust with the DeVaulls is a travel and lifestyle blog created by Angel DeVaull. Angel is a Louisiana native and has been a lover of travel since a child. She started this blog to show other young families that they can too balance both work and travel. Travel inspires her and she hopes that through her blog she can inspire others to discover something new as well.

LE Travels

LE Travels started 3 years ago as a way for me and my husband to remember all of the small details of our trips. I realized how helpful those posts could be to other travelers and decided to share them with the world. The travel guides I create are for travelers who are adventurous, curious, and enjoy seizing every moment of their journey. While many people have the luxury of time for their vacations, my husband and I do not. There are so many people out there who believe they can’t see the world because they can’t take a month off of work and I’m determined to show those people it is possible with one or two weeks. 

Traveling is not something we do, it’s something we experience. I believe traveling can change your life in more ways than you could ever possibly imagine. I know it has for me. I am a stronger, more confident, and more open-minded person thanks to all the places and cultures I’ve been able to experience. My hope for those who read my blog is that they are inspired to get out and experience different parts of the world for themselves.

BRB Travel Blog

BRB (Be Right Back) Travel Blog is for the wannabe nomads, for those who want to explore the world but have full-time jobs and real-life responsibilities, like paying rent and being stuck in the daily commute to work.

For those who only have a few weeks of vacations per year, like me, and daydream about their next destination for summer holidays or about their next weekend getaway. This blog is for those that wonder where to eat or where to grab a drink in Tokyo or in Vermont. For those that are looking where to take their next 2-week vacation or weekend getaway. BRB also gives you the tools and tips on how to travel while having a full-time job. Traveller, I got you covered!

With BRB, I’m helping you bring travel into your cubicle and inspire you to take those vacation days!

Lonnies Planet

Lonnies Planet is the travel blog of a Dutch girl named Lonneke who lives in the beautiful Belgian city of Antwerp. The blog name refers to her nickname which is ‘Lonnie’. She has traveled to 40 countries, of which 18 of them in Asia, so you can easily guess which continent is her favourite… Her blogs are a combination of must sees, the tastiest (vegan & vegetarian) restaurants, best coffee shops, most pleasant city walks and the nicest places to shop sustainable and local products.

The Intrepid Guide 

Michele is an Australian language and travel blogger and ‘guide’ behind The Intrepid and author of the book How to Learn Italian FAST.  Michele shares her passion for languages and travel by bringing them together in detailed destinations guides and free travel phrase guides available on her blog. The Intrepid Guide inspires, encourages, and helps travellers include language learning in their travel preparation as a way of enhancing their travels and creating more memorable experiences through.. Follow Michele on social media as she shares fascinating and little-known linguistic and cultural facts. Check out her Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam is an award-winning gay travel blog by Adam Groffman. The site features unique and personal stories from around the world, including a popular series of Hipster City Guides. A voice for this new generation of travelers: modern, open-minded millennials with a strong interest in city destinations, alternative tourism, and creative ideas. The site was awarded silver prize for “Best Travel Blog” by the North American Travel Journalists Association 2019.


Paulina on the Road

Paulina on the road is all about sustainable and slow travel thus everything which allows to enjoy the great outdoors in a fun but respectful way. This means that you’ll find posts about hiking in Cape Verde, cycling in Luxembourg or sailing in Tenerife. After living for 3 years in Brussels, she knows the vibe and the culture of the Belgian capital particularly well. Paulina discovered here passion for slow travel on her boat hitchhiking adventure across the Atlantic. On her blog she shares all the tips how you too can go on a sailing trip of a lifetime. 

To Some Place New

ToSomePlaceNew is a luxury travel blog that focuses on city, culture and wandering coffee walks. A blog with useful resources on term short itineraries and tips to plan your travel with limited vacation days. Our city guides are insightful with history and culture learnings and tons of fun time with local experiences and practical tips like accommodation, airport transfers and packing and what to wear guide.
We inspire others to travel and explore this wonderful world without quitting their jobs. It is possible to lead a life of wanderlust and a career!

The Portable Wife

The Portable Wife is a travel blog for busy people who want to explore the world efficiently and authentically. I create content that inspires, informs, and educates visitors so that they feel comfortable and confident traversing unfamiliar places. My detailed tips and itineraries take travelers through a destination’s highlights and lesser-known spots, with an emphasis on self-guided exploration.

Travel With Me

Travel with me‘ is an online travel blog created by 2 passionate travelers with a great love for photography. This blog is their creative outlet that offers numerous travel stories, mapped out itineraries, useful travel tips and tricks and beautiful footage that will inspire you to explore more and make the most out of your trips. If you love traveling, close by or far away, for a shorter or longer period or you just want to escape the daily grind and dream away with beautiful travel photography then ‘travel with me’ is just the place for you. 

The Artful Attempt

The Artful Attempt began in 2014 and has evolved into primarily a space to highlight travel destinations around the world. The Artful Attempt is unique in its authenticity, since the content is only things I genuinely want to share, and it stays honest in all recommendations and reviews. The blog highlights both high tourism sides of travel and the more local harder to find gems. Both levels of visiting a location are good experiences, and The Artful Attempt tries to showcase travel in a way that is similar to today’s travelers’ actual travel style.
Besides being a resource for travelers, The Artful Attempt is a welcoming community, and never claims to get everything right or have the entire selection of places to check out within a destination. Anyone who travels often knows the more you see, the more you realize there is to see. Feedback and additional ideas are encouraged, since truly the best part of travel is sharing the experience with others.

An Adventorous World

An Adventurous World is a multiple award-winning travel blog capturing the world one place at a time. Macca really encourages his readers to do something different on their travels and to truly experience some incredible adventures around the world. Hopefully you can follow him on his next one!

My Vacation Itineraries

My Vacation Itineraries is a travel blog focused on Europe. It is the go-to website to organize your vacation all by yourself. The blog provides detailed itineraries that help you plan your city break from day to day. You’ll find all the needed information for a perfect getaway – great hotels, awesome restaurants and packing tips.

The Wander Blogger

The Wanderblogger is a travel blog with an emphasis on short, affordable breaks for families traveling on a budget. We are a family of three who work and go to school like regular folks, but we make it a priority to take advantage of every long weekend, holiday, and vacation day to see just a little bit more of the world than we had before. And we do it all as frugally as possible so we can keep this travel-gig up as long as we can!

Plan your trip to Brussels

All the above-mentioned bloggers have all provided an amazing guide on what to do and see while visiting Brussels. Don’t let your bags hold you back from experiencing Brussels from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. Store your bags with one of our luggage storage in + 20 locations around Brussels.