Left Luggage Tips King’s Cross Station – London
Left Luggage Tips King’s Cross Station – London
Last updated: Jun 2, 2021 · 4 min read

Luggage Storage King’s Cross station

You’ve no doubt heard of King’s Cross Station in London. This is the famous train station that appears in Harry Potter with the Quai 9 ¾. You can also see half of a luggage trolley that announces the entrance to the famous platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross station. This station is also part of the stations in the famous Monopoly game. This station was built in 1852 in honor of King George IV, it is today one of the most used stations in London

When you are in the center of London near this station, there are plenty of reasons why you are looking for a left-luggage location. You may have time before you check-in your AirBnb, or you may be in London for a few hours and want to enjoy London activities.

How to find the closest storage location to King’s Cross station

If you want to drop off your luggage in a service like LuggageHero in London, you’ll want to find the location closest to you. Nothing more simple, you can go on the booking page of LuggageHero or on the application and:

  • Click the “GO!” button.
  • Find all the locations close to you, have the details of the prices and services of each of the locations, inform you via the interactive map.
  • Book without conditions

Our recommendation for left luggage King’s Cross station is:

The closest and the best rated:

219 m from King’s Cross Station

Left Luggage King's Cross station reviews

  • Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm/ Saturday-Sunday: 8am-6pm
  • £1/hour + £2 booking fee and never more than £8/day
  • Each bag is insured for up to £2200 
  • Free cancellation
  • Pay by the hour
  • COVID-19: Follows government issued guidelines on social distancing and hygiene

Other popular luggage storage locations near King’s Cross station:

Tips on what to do near King’s Cross station

The train station is located in the King’s Cross district in North London, and is also in the same area as St Pancras train station. It is a rather nice location as there are many activities nearby. If you are near the King’s Cross station for a few hours, we recommend:

  • Walk by the Harry Potter Quay 9 ¾ half wagon and take a photo. Although it’s usually crowded, the photo is worth a visit to the fans, and otherwise you can go to the store to find goodies, clothes or unusual items in the saga.
  • You can visit the Scottish Store, voted the best independent bar in London in 2020. The place is very nice, you can go there to have a beer, a good meal or just have a good time in a nice establishment.  
  • You can also go to the International St Pancras station and enjoy the shopping mall, the roof and simply taste London specialties.
  • You will also have the opportunity to see The Meeting Place Statue which is in the station of St Pancras, it is a moving statue of nine meters high of a couple that embraces.
  • And finally, just a few minutes from St Pancras train station, you can see the London Canal Museum. It is an opportunity to spend a fun time and see London from another point of view.

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Left luggage during the pandemic

We need to be careful and make sure that each time we drop off or pick up a luggage, we don’t benefit the spread of the virus. We need to remember to keep a safe distance from others and if we have any symptoms of COVID-19, we must always first get tested and wait in quarantine before receiving our results.

  • Remember to sanitize your hands before and after dropping your luggage;
  • Remember to keep distance;
  • Wear a mask before and after dropping your luggage;

When you store your luggage in local shops in London, you are helping support local businesses in these difficult times. Thank you!

Why a LuggageHero left luggage location?

LuggageHero offers you flexible pricing per hour of  £1, you get a safety seal on your bag, which ensures each of your bags up to  £3000. With LuggageHero, your luggage is safely stored in a location near you and you can pick it up at any time. You can choose to store your luggage in more than 120 baggage locations in London. You will no longer have any problem finding a left luggage Liverpool lime street for example or you can stop looking for lockers near King’s Cross station. You can simply book your left luggage online today. Night storage can also be easily managed, so if you need to drop off your luggage for a few days in London – no problem.


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