Dreaming of Milan? Here are the top 10 travel blogs for Milan in 2020.
Dreaming of Milan? Here are the top 10 travel blogs for Milan in 2020.
Last updated: Dec 3, 2020

Dreaming of Milan? Here are the top 10 travel blogs for Milan in 2020.


After extensive research, we’re proud to announce the 10 best blog posts you can find for traveling to Milan. Before we dive into it, we have created a little city guide for you about Milan so that you can get familiar with the city before reading the fantastic work of the bloggers.

Milan is located in Northern Italy and is considered the second most popular city in Italy, only after Rome. With the city’s strengths in fashion, art, media, entertainment, design and education, the city is more than perfect for tourism and has a lot to offer to every single type of visitor. If you’re about to visit this wonderful city – you require the best possible information in order to find inspiration and experience the best of it. Therefore, our team has scoured the internet looking for the best travel blogs for Milan.

The 10 blogs that made the final cut have been selected based on 3 criteria:

  • Quality of the content
  • The practicality of the tips and advice
  • Originality

Plan your trip to Milan
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In every case that made our list, the usefulness of their tips or their great content have convinced us to include them. In the list, you will find you talented photographers, skilled writers, wanderlust addicts, foodies, family travelers, and eco-friendly travelers – all of which have something to offer and help make your trip to Milan truly amazing.

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We would like to congratulate all the bloggers that made the Top 10 — thanks to their awesome work!

Girl in Florence

Georgette is a “curious American “Tuscan Texan” who calls Florence, Italy home for the past 11 years”. She is further an editor in Italy Magazine and further works as a digital social media marketing strategist and a freelance writer. Her blog post is about 11 interesting places to see when visiting the city. While she admits that she was not a fan of Milan because she thought it did not have enough of that Italy charm she fell in love with, she gives us ideas and interesting places to visit that will surely make your trip come together and never leave you in a dull moment.


Greta’s travels

Greta is a 25 year old Italian with a passion for traveling and filming. She chose to pursue a bigger adventure after two years of working in a corporate office in London. Now she shares the travel stories and advice she has learned with all of us. Milan is actually Greta’s hometown and as a local, she shares the best 1-day itinerary  for Milan for those of us who have limited time in the city. Her post offers tips on what to see in Milan in one day, what to eat and even where to stay. If you plan on seeing all the museums in one day you will not be able to – Greta has lived there for 18 years and still hasn’t gotten anywhere close to seeing them all!

Wanderlust Chloe

Wanderlust Chloe is a UK travel blogger with a passion for adventure, food and memorable experiences. Chloe’s adventure began in 2014 when she left her stressful media job and let loose by spending three and a half months exploring Central America, Cuba and Mexico. Like Greta, Chloe gives us ideas for what to do if we only have one day in Milan. If a day is all you can spare, check out Chloe’s tips which range from advice on what to visit when you have limited time, as well as ideas for tours to book such as the food tour which will allow you to pick up a bit of the city’s history as a plus.


Love & Road

What’s better than traveling to your dream location? Doing it with your loved one! Love & Road is a blog shaped by two Brazilians (a couple) who used to live in a small city called Itajaí, south of Brazil. The couple now resides in Dublin, which they call “their second home”. Their tale is inspirational as they quit their jobs, rented their house, sold their car, clothes, furniture, books and turned their life into a constant adventure. Their blog provides us with the ultimate guide on what to do in 3 days when visiting Milan. The post is tailored for those of you who want to find the perfect place to stay, the best places and attractions to visit and how to travel to Milan and get around – everything you need for a 3 day trip!


Adventure for Less

Kelly and Jeremy are college sweethearts who got married with a dream of exploring the globe together. They started the blog with the idea of sharing their experiences and adventures but also providing travelers with tips and ideas on how to spend less when traveling. Milan, for them, is one of the most gorgeous cities they have ever visited. They provide readers with the ultimate location guide on where to stay in in Milan which they split into locations for every taste – from where to stay if you want a good location for tourist attractions – to where to stay if you’re interested in nightlife and markets.

Finding the universe

Laurence and Jessica have been blogging about travel for 10 years now. Both of them are writers and photographers who love to travel and are currently based in Edinburgh, UK. Laurence and Jessica visited Milan during Fashion week and found 13 (at least) awesome things to do in Milan. While they try to cover some of the most amazing bits of Milan, they also admit that the city has a lot more churches, many more museums, and countless palazzos. However, their post is definitely a good place to start if you want to get a good taste of the best of Milan.

Blond wayfarer

Rachel Elizabeth is an adventurous English teacher who likes to take solo trips around the world. Interestingly, despite traveling being her favorite thing to do Rachel Elizabeth is afraid of flying. As she says – that is proof that you can follow your dreams even if they scare you. Rachel Elizabeth was at first a bit reluctant about visiting Milan, but ended up loving it! For those of you who are not sure if Milan is worth a visit she offers reasons for why you should just visit Milan. According to her, Milan is worth visiting for its world famous art, many green spaces, view of “industrial real” Italy and a lot more! Read her post and find out why.

Untold Morsels

Katy is an Australian, living in Melbourne who is sharing travel experience and memories from her and her family’s three and a half years of travel in Europe. For Katy, it is not just about the travel – it is about sharing experiences with the people she cares about the most. In her post, she shares the top sights and things to do in Milan. The post provides you among many other things with information about Milan’s hidden gems, best museums and galleries in Milan, and something extra – tips on exploring Milan with kids. If you want a full itinerary on what to do in Milan, Untold Morsels is a perfect place to start.


The broke backpacker

Written by Ralph Cope – “a former manager in the hospitality industry turned wild child”. Ralph is the kind of person who enjoys visiting the lesser known places of the world which has ended up putting him in many wonderful and strange places. Despite that, he offers a full of tips post on visiting Milan  – budgets, tips, itineraries and more. He offers the kind of guide that will allow you to explore the best of Milan while saving a buck. Check out his post and pack your bags and get going – he will not disappoint.


The crazy tourist

Different from the other blogs mentioned, the crazy tourist has content written by different freelancers and travelers based on their own experiences and/or researching the web. However, the post about Milan offers a wide list of 17 of the best things to do in Milan. The post offers detailed information about many tourist attractions and sights – from Basilica di San Lorenzo to the Brera district. If you are in need of some inspiration, you should check out the blog post and start planning your next trip.