Top Cheapest Destinations to Travel after the End of the Pandemic
Top Cheapest Destinations to Travel after the End of the Pandemic
Last updated: Jan 17, 2022 · 4 min read

The Most Beautiful and Affordable Countries to go after the End of the Pandemic

If you are reading this blog, you are probably in your house, with a nice cup of tea, wondering when the Pandemic will end. Days are passing, and our desires of going back to travel are growing more and more. Further, COVID-19 is likely going to leave severe economic aftermath on a vast number of people, increasing the worries about when we will be able to pack our bags and go. In this post, we will guide you through the most beautiful and affordable destinations to enjoy when the Corona Virus will finally ends. 


Map of the cheapest locations to go after the pandemic


Before getting started, it is important to outline that, no matter where in the world, you can always find places that fit your budget. Indeed, no destination is too expensive, you just need to be creative!

The Top 10 Budget-Friendly Countries to go


The South-East Asian Triangle

The South-East Asian Triangle, made by Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, is undoubtedly one of the most affordable places in the world. You can get away with cheap guest houses, local food, and public transportation, all for 10-20 US dollars per day, while visiting amazing spots like Bangkok, Hanoi, or Phnom Pen. 

Phra Nang Beach, Thailand


The Philippines is home to unbelievable beaches, diving, and the cheapest massages in Asia. Though, what makes the  Philippines a little bit more expensive than other Asian countries are the domestic flights needed to get to different islands. 

areal view of El Nido, Philippines


Guatemala is home to some of the cheapest hostels in the world (3 US dollars per night). Of course, they cannot be compared to a 5-star hotel, but if you’re looking for a backpacking adventure, this might be your place.

Lake Atitlàn


Beach-side hostels are just a few dollars per day, and you can taste delicious street food for less than 5 US dollars. Here, with 60 dollars per day, you can leave in luxury. If you want to visit Panama or Costa Rica, just keep in mind that they are the most expensive countries in Central America.

Surfing in Nicaragua


Mexico is also notably affordable, and there are so many stunning places and delicious food to choose from. Despite its reputation in most of the United States, Mexico is a very safe place for tourism, especially if you stick around the most famous areas for tourists.

Guanajuato, Mexico


Africa is known for being a fairly expensive continent to visit. Flight tickets, visas, safaris, and sightseeing tours are just a few of the attractions that make Africa an expensive trip. However, Morocco is an exception to this rule. This country can still be as expensive as the others, but if you save on food, choose cheap Ryads you can get by with a 50-60 US dollars daily budget. 

Person walking in the desert, Morocco



We all know that Italy has an expensive reputation, but you can manage to keep your costs low. You can backpack around Italy spending less than 40 dollars per day. You just need to resist the tempting and delicious restaurants that can make your bills skyrocketing in cities like Milan and Rome

Burano, Venice, Italy


On the other side of Europe, there is another gem for budget-friendly holidays: Hungary. Traveling in Europe can add up quickly, so in countries like Hungary, you can save costs by using sharing services, cooking your own meals, staying in hostels, or moving around on foot (that remains the best way to explore cities). 

Aereal view of Budapest



Where the East meets the West. Turkey can be both expensive and cheap depending on what you want to do, and how deeply you want to travel through the country. If you plan your movements before departure, it can be easy to stay on budget.

Hot Air Balloons in Turkey


The rich history, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv make this country a unique experience for first-time travelers eager to discover the world. Prices in Israel are similar to Europe, so don’t expect the same as you were in South-East Asia or Central America.

Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel


How to Save up Money during your Trip 

Here is a list of things to do if you want to stay on budget while enjoying unforgettable experiences around the globe: 

  • Choose Budget-friendly destinations;
  • Select Safe and easy places to navigate; 
  • Look for places filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences;
  • Set a daily budget. E.g. 15 to 60 dollars per day, depending on where you go. 


You can also discover how to find cheap flight tickets here


To Sum Up…

Soon we’ll be able to get to the closest airport and take a flight to our favorite destination, so it is important to get ready! The world is full of opportunities that are waiting for us to be caught, so pack your bags, plan your budget, and dream on.


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