Miami Coronavirus Information
Miami Coronavirus Information

Miami Coronavirus Information

Updated: May 26th 2020

Here you have all the information on airports, public transport, attractions and rules and regulations on one page. We’re committed to keeping you informed so you can take the necessary measures and be one step closer to getting back to your normal life or get back home safely once the coronavirus in Miami is no longer a threat.


Miami Coronavirus Latest News

(Published in the last 24 hours)

  • Florida Approaching 51,000 Coronavirus Cases, as State Death Toll Reaches 2,237
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  • As Florida hits the beach on Memorial Day weekend, state’s coronavirus cases push past 50,000
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  • Health officials investigating coronavirus cases linked to social gatherings among Miami University students
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With the United States becoming the new epicentre of coronavirus, the residents and travellers in Miami, as well as, in the rest of the country must follow the measures of the Government. Social distancing is key to flattening the curve and slowing down COVID-19. If you are a traveller stuck in your Airbnb or a hotel room confused about the whole situation and not sure about what to do, LuggageHero gathered the most important information for you. On this page, you can find the information about the social distancing rules, about the flight cancellation rate, public transport, attractions opening hours as well as some tips on what to do during the Miami lockdown.


Governmental restrictions to follow in Miami

The Government established stricter measures in order to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases in Miami, as well as, the United States. People are encouraged to stay inside except for essential trips to grocery shops and pharmacies. Remember to stay active at home, there is an ocean of online tutorials to get inspired by. If your place doesn’t have a balcony, take a D supplement which can lift up your mood too.

These are the measures to follow in Miami to prevent coronavirus from spreading:

  • Stay home except for necessary trips to groceries, and pharmacies 
  • Remain 6 feet distance from others in your community
  • Public transport only for essential journeys, remembering distance from others
  • Dog walking allowed while staying within 250 feet from your residence building

You can read more details about the coronavirus Miami measures and list of businesses open by clicking here.

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Miami airport still operating, more than half of all flights cancelled due to COVID-19

The number of flights departing from Miami International Airport decreased by more than a half due to coronavirus outbreak. The situation around coronavirus is unstable at the moment and the number departed flight could decrease even more in the near future.  

Please check with your airline in advance to find about any alterations in your travel plans.

Find out more about each airport measures:

Public transport in Miami still operating

Miami’s Metrorail transit services and schedule frequencies have been adjusted due to the coronavirus outbreak. The public transport in Miami is still operating for people who are depended on their work transit. Miami city is encouraging people to use public transport for essential trips only in order to prevent coronavirus from spreading. If you do need to travel, remember to keep 6 feet distance from others if possible, and cover your nose and mouth with a mask or a scarf.

You can plan your journey and read more about coronavirus measures in public transport here:


Attractions in Miami are temporarily closed

Most of the Miami’s attractions, museums, venues and other public places are temporarily closed due to coronavirus outbreak. The websites are updated with new information regularly. As for now, the lockdown in Miami and the rest of the United States is set until 30 April and if it’s not prolonged, most of Miami’s attractions and museum should be reopened after that. Fingers crossed that the coronavirus situation will be better soon.

Below are some of Miami’s main attractions, you can check out their websites for more information:

What to do in Miami during coronavirus restrictions

  • Visit the Zoo…online

As mentioned earlier, Miami’s attractions are closed which also include San Diego’s Zoo. However, San Diego’s Zoo installed live cams, so you can watch what the animals are doing at this right moment. The live cams include polar bear area, penguins, baboons, pandas, apes, koalas, giraffes’ grounds, elephants, tiger, owls, condors and even butterflies! Visit San Diego’s Zoo website to find all the live cams. Yes, San Diego’s Zoo probably doesn’t have much to do with Miami but this is one of the beauties of the online world, connect remote places and maybe replace Netflix with a real-time animal play?


We all need to take the measures in Miami serious to be able to flatten the curve and prevent COVID-19 from spreading. During these times we can see, that actions of each every individual matter. If coronavirus can spread so fast, image a simple smile? Take care of yourself and others.

The entire LuggageHero team wish you good health and positive vibes. #SpreadPositivityNotCoronavirus

Once the situation is well again and we can explore again, check our luggage storage Miami guide and LuggageHero sites in Miami.