Montreal Coronavirus Updates
Montreal Coronavirus Updates

Montreal Coronavirus Information


Here you have all the latest Montreal coronavirus updates on airports, public transport, attractions and rules and regulations on one page. We’re committed to keeping you informed so you can take the necessary measures and be one step closer to getting back to your normal life or get back home safely once the coronavirus in Montreal is no longer a threat.



Governmental Rules and Restrictions in Montreal

Here are the key takeaways and rules to follow set by the Canadian Government and the Ministry of Quebec which apply in Montreal. Please visit the official website of the Government of Canada to see if any changes have been made. It is necessary to follow governmental restrictions in Montreal and minimise your social interactions to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. It’s important not to panic but it’s also very important to be careful.

  • Anyone returning from a stay outside Québec to self-isolate for 14 days, that is, both sick travellers or those displaying symptoms and travellers who do not display symptoms and are in perfect health 
  • Everyone is asked to stay 2 meters away from others unless they share the same household
  • Outdoor gatherings allowed with a maximum of 10 people from three families with social distancing in place as of May 22, 2020
  • As of July 13th 2020, masks or face coverings are mandatory for all users of public transport of the age of 12
  • Starting July 18th 2020, masks or face coverings will be mandatory in all indoor places throughout the province of Quebec
  • All restaurants were allowed to carry on with their services, dining rooms and outdoor patios as of June 22nd 2020 (respecting hygiene protocols)
  • Some retail businesses are set to reopen in the greater Montreal area starting May 25th 2020
  • All types of accommodations can now welcome guests
  • Educational institutions (elementary and secondary schools, training centres, private schools) will be closed until May 1, inclusively
  • Day camps across the province will be allowed to open as of June 22
  • Emergency school daycare services are open for the children (aged 4 to 13) of health care starting May 11th 2020, social services and essential services personnel as well
  • Elementary schools and day cares outside of Montreal reopened on May 11th 2020, while Montreal day cares will remain closed until at least June 1st 2020
  • High schools, junior schools and universities closed until September
  • The suspension of student loan debt repayment for 6 months, including borrowers whose accounts are in collection
  • Checkpoints set to slow the spread of Covid-19 came down on May 18th between cities in many parts of Quebec 
  • The Government is taking all the necessary measures to contain the contagion as much as possible
  • If you are worried about COVID‑19, you can call 418-644-4545514-644-4545450-644-4545819-644-4545 and 1-877-644-4545 (toll free) elsewhere in Québec

Get an overview of the current coronavirus precautions in Montreal by clicking here.

Every citizen must comply with the above-stated measures. The relevant authorities are given the right to enforce them through fines and dispersing gatherings.

protect yourself from coronavirus

Canada is opening up!

With the arrival of warmer weather and some encouraging daily reports from Public Health, Montréal has been gradually reopening and resuming its summer activities. The city is slowly starting to get back to normal and many places and services are opening up!


Is it safe to travel?

Latest Covid-19 Travel Articles

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Montreal Coronavirus Latest News

(Published in the last 24 hours)

  • Opinion: Let’s not rush back to the office; remote work is working
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  • Four more Quebec regions, including Montreal, at ‘yellow’ COVID-19 alert level: Legault
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  • Coronavirus exposure identified on 9 more Montreal flights and 1 train
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  • ‘If it’s not essential… don’t go’: Montrealers urged to cut back on social gatherings
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Montreal Coronavirus Travel Information

  • Anyone returning from a stay outside Canada, including cruise passengers, must self-isolate for 14 days
  • Such individuals are not go to school, to work, to childcare centre or a day care centre or to any other public place, they may not walk their dog or walk outside at any point during the self-isolation period, may not use public transport or and may not under any circumstance accept any visitors at home
  • If you have symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste, etc) you must first make an appointment and then go to the health clinic and let the health care workers know that you have travelled
  • If you live with individuals who have not travelled, you should remain/sleep/eat in a separate room with the door closed and if possible, use separate bathroom. 
  • It is advised that non-essential trips should be avoided
  • Cruise ship travel should also be avoided
  • For Instructions for travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here

Montreal Airport Information

Official websites are doing a great job at keeping travellers well-updated and at providing the latest information. You can read about the impact of coronavirus on your travel arrangements on the official websites of Montreal’s airports.

Check with your airline company to find out about any alterations of your travel plans. The US government advises all passengers to avoid long-distance travels unless absolutely essential.

Find out more here:

Montreal-Trudeau International Airport

  • Government of Canada announced temporary closure of Canadian-U.S. border to all non-essential traffic
  • Minister of Transport requires that air carriers deny boarding to any passenger who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident on flights to Canada, starting March 18th 2020
  • The ministry of foreign affairs recommends that Canadian travellers return to Canada by commercial means while they are available
  • No traveller with corona symptoms will be allowed to fly
  • Here is a list with information on availability and closure of businesses at airport
  • Only a few restaurants offering takeout meals at the airport remain open
  • Only travellers with no symptoms may use public transport, taxi or limousine to leave the airport
  • Individual airlines are responsible for the cleanliness of their aircraft
  • Many flights are being cancelled, please check with your airline ahead of time
  • For more information and the latest updates and measures at YUL, please click here.

Montreal Public Transport

“Vendôme Turnstiles” – Empty turnstiles exiting the Vendôme Metro Station in Montreal, Canada. By NorthWerk Photography

Based on guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada, it is required for intercity passenger rail companies to do a health check to screen passengers for Covid-19 symptoms before they board a train. This includes simple health questions and looking for visible signs of illness.

A passenger may be refused to board the train in the case he displays Covid-19 symptoms. The denial will remain in effect for 14 days until the passenger shows medical proof that confirms the symptoms are not corona-related.

Although public transport is running in Montreal and in the province of Quebec, changes in schedules and times could be expected due to the coronavirus situation. All passengers are advised to travel only if is absolutely necessary and if so, to stand a healthy 6 to 12 feet away from each other at all times.

Find out more here:

Montreal Attractions

Montreal, Canada – May 2020 : View of empty street by the iconic Bonsecours market, located at 350 Saint-Paul street in Old Montreal

Most Montreal attractions have started to reopen. Here, you can keep yourself informed on attraction reopenings, daily opening and closing times, and information on reduced capacity.

In the case that certain locations close again due to changes in restrictions, you can still enjoy some of these attractions after they are open again if you are staying in Montreal for a longer period of time.

Here is the list of Montreal’s iconic attractions and their official websites with the latest updates:

Also, please make sure to visit Tourisme Montréal: Discover your Montréal

What to do while currently in Montreal

  • Food delivery

Restaurants are closed but that doesn’t need to prevent you from trying delicious food and keeping your body fuelled and healthy. You can visit Ubereats or other delivery websites, pick anything you want and have it delivered to your location.

  • Watch a Canadian movie

If you can’t explore the city because of the restrictions, you can watch an Italian movie instead! We all know that feeling when we watch a movie, we see a scene filmed where we’ve been and we scream ‘I’ve been there!” How about watching a movie set in Montreal or anywhere in Canada while you are in here? It suddenly changes your current experience of the city. Here is a list of the 7 movies on Netflix filmed in Montreal.

  • Read/Write

If you’re at home, you probably have a shelf full of books that you’ve always wanted to read but never got to. Or perhaps you have some texts that you’ve saved on your phone under “read later.” This is the perfect time to take your mind off the current stressful situation and dive into a literary world, at least for a an hour or two a day.

Also, writing or keeping a journal and getting those thoughts and feelings out on paper can be a true stress reliever during times like these.

  • Keep the communication going with your loved ones

You can use this time to reconnect with your loved ones through different video options online. Keeping everyone up-to-date about yourself, making sure everyone is healthy and well and “making someones’ day” by giving them a good laugh is a great way to maintain strong relations even when you cannot physically spend time together.

Virtual coffees and dinner dates with a friend, family member, a loved one, or a “double-date” even with another couple via online video chat is the thing to do during these corona times. Why not enjoy someones’ company while everyone stays in the comfort of their home? Times like these sometimes ask us to adapt to another lifestyle, and why not make the best of it?

  • Get some fresh air on your balcony

All attractions, parks and gardens in Montreal are currently closed to the public until further notice. Although people are advised to stay at home or practice “social distancing,” going for a walk, a run and getting some fresh air is very important for your health. We suggest making use of your backyard if you have one or simply going on your balcony more frequently during the day for some fresh air if you don’t feel safe going out and far from your home.

  • Yoga/Stretching

As we all know, keeping active is crucial to our well-being. When going to the gym is no longer an option, yoga and stretching are the way to go. These are activities you can do on your own floor or balcony. There are many videos online that you can follow while doing these activities, and you can also tune into live-stream yoga classes available online.

The entire LuggageHero team wishes you good health and positive vibes!

It’s important that we all follow the measures set by the authorities and protect ourselves and others. By social distancing and taking care of our hygiene, we are lessening the change of the virus spreading. We are in this together and every individual matters. If coronavirus spreads this fast, imagine how contagious some love and a smile are?


Once the situation is safe again and we are ready to explore and travel again, check our luggage storage Montreal guide and LuggageHero sites in Montreal.