How Luggage Storage works in 3 steps

Find your luggage storage online and get directions after booking

Book online and receive directions

Drop off the luggage at a LuggageHero shop

After leaving your bags, you can fully enjoy you day luggage free

Enjoy your time without the weight of your luggage

Book online and receive directions

To ensure an easy and quick drop-off,  you’ll have to book in advance to receive directions. But do not worry, we at LuggageHero has almost stored 2.000.000 hours of luggage simply because our service is super easy and fast

  • Start storage timer on your booking page when dropping off your bags.
  • Stop storage timer upon collection.


The typical LuggageHero experience

We know many travelers are struggling with their luggage when traveling. Therefore, we created a video to show how easily you can get your vacation or business trip back on track.

You will meet a typical traveler named Scott in the video.

He arrived in Copenhagen from Amsterdam in the morning, but he can’t check into his rental until the afternoon.

Dragging around his bags is a drag, so he uses the LuggageHero app to reserve a spot at a nearby storage location.

Conveniently, it’s Copenhagen Bicycles. Scotty’s bags get security seals and are stored, and he picks up a bike to explore the city. LuggageHero to the rescue! 🚴‍♂️🧳😃

If you’ve had a similar experience, click the link below 👇