COVID-19 Reports and Statistics
COVID-19 Reports and Statistics

A range of statistics and reports on COVID-19

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The world unites under unpleasant circumstances brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, impacting everyone’s life directly or indirectly. As the travel industry has been heavily affected, LuggageHero wants to keep in touch with all the travelers out there who are stuck in a foreign city not knowing when they will be able to get back home. During a time when everything is slowing down, we have time to reflect and re-evaluate our core values, keeping in mind all the hard-working medical staff and everyone else offering a helping hand during this time. Thank you and stay safe.

During this time, we have conducted a lot of research here at LuggageHero about how travelers feel about COVID-19 during the pandemic.

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How COVID-19 Impacts the Travel Demand in 2020

As the days pass and more and more people are trying to stay inside when possible, everyone is wondering how the travel industry will adapt to the new situation and what they should expect in the upcoming seasons. To help understand what the plans are for the next holidays, LuggageHero conducted an extensive survey and is sharing the results.

Based on our analysis of answers from the worldwide participants, we learned that travelers are not widely cancelling their plans but just postponing them a bit until the situation will be clearer: 50% said they will not change their travel itinerary for trips scheduled for May onward.

COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Monitor – October Report

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While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt to “the new normal,” many travelers are still exploring their own country and even beyond.

According to our latest Travel Sentiment Monitor, half of the worldwide respondents are planning winter holidays.

COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Monitor – July Report

We have conducted a regular customer survey to assess the impact the pandemic has on the worldwide travel perception. As shown in our previous reports (in Marchin April, and in May), the July results confirm travelers’ eagerness to travel and explore the world, while protecting themselves and the others around.

While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to greatly impact travel throughout the world, wanderers are venturing out to explore their own country and even beyond.
According to our latest Travel Sentiment Monitor, more than two thirds of worldwide respondents still hope to travel abroad this year.

COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Monitor – May Report

In comparison with similar surveys LuggageHero conducted in March and in April, the May results confirm travelers’ intentions to switch to domestic travel in the upcoming months. It also suggests that people are now less worried about their budgets than they were when the crisis started.

COVID-19 Travel Sentiment Monitor – April Report


In comparison with a similar survey LuggageHero conducted last month, the April results overall show an ongoing eagerness to travel, but a slightly higher degree of caution.

The unprecedented effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel continue to be greatly felt throughout the world, with people of course altering their current travel plans.

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