Luggage Storage in +15 locations around Austin

Luggage Storage in +15 locations around Austin

Store your bags in a certified local shop from $1/hour

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Luggage storage Austin

Austin luggage storage

You can stop searching for lockers to store your luggage in. The next time you’re in Austin, remember that LuggageHero is here to save the day!

Drop off your bags by using LuggageHero’s network of local shops located around Austin.

Let’s say that you arrive from Austin International Airport hours before your rental is ready and you want to check out the sights without pulling your luggage behind you. Maybe you want to enjoy a day downtown, visit the Zilker Metropolitan Park, Texas Capitol, or the Museum of Weird, you might even have a convention to attend at the Austin Convention center. Whatever you choose, we’re here to lighten your load.

Download our free LuggageHero’s luggage storage app here:

You can download our LuggageHero luggage storage app where you can see all our locations around Austin. Your days wasting time searching for lockers are over!

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.


Luggage storage near me

Just go to the LuggageHero reservation platform to find a handy storage site inside a shop or other business – all verified by us. Using our map, you can locate the shops that are nearest to the stations you’ll use or attractions you’ll visit and store your luggage there.


You pay by the hour – unlike other services!

We offer a speedy, convenient, and low-cost service.

LuggageHero charges users only for each hour used , unlike most other luggage services, which make you pay for the entire day. If you want to store your luggage all day or longer, we offer you a low daily cap of .

We’re looking out for you

Your safety and security are our priority. That’s why we have LuggageHero employees review and certify all our shops in Austin. We also seal every piece of luggage to keep them tamper-free. On top of that, we ensure every bag and what’s inside it for up to . If you need to talk to someone at LuggageHero, we’re here for you 24/7 through our online chat system.

Check out why KnockKnock recommends storing your baggage with LuggageHero!

Are you ready to store your bags?


Leave your luggage in Austin with a Hero


About Austin

Austin is the city that has it all. With its futuristic and modern-looking buildings combined with a lot of green spaces, this city is one of the most visited and known in Texas! We assure you, you´ll be able to find exciting activities for you and your family or friends. Try water sports on the river crossing Austin, go for the concert in one of many music venues, grab a nice meal at one of the street foods or book a table at one of the top fine-dining restaurants. Simply,  stroll across the city to see that on every corner, there is something happening! Austin is a bustling city with a dynamic vibe, but at the same time, there is no shortage of peaceful laid-back spots, where you can unwind.

2021 Guide: Luggage Storage Austin

You may be confused with the rules and regulations and wonder where bags and luggage are allowed in your travel destination. LuggageHero understands your pain and is happy to give you a big help. You just simply click Find Luggage Storage & Lockers in Austin and have a quick look to find all the updated information for your amazing trip.


We carefully certify and educate the operators at all our LuggageHero Austin locations about how to safely handle your belongings.

All our shops in Austin have been reviewed by a LuggageHero employee, who also regularly performs quality checks to make sure customers’ belongings are kept in a safe and secure manner.

In addition, we provide security seals for each piece of luggage. These will be provided to you when you arrive at the shop, which ensures that no one can access your bags.

Furthermore, each piece of luggage and its contents are insured up to .

If you need someone to turn to, remember that customer online chat support is available 24/7.

Book risk-free

We believe in making your travels as smooth and easy as possible, which is why it is important to us that NO FEES are charged to you until your luggage is dropped off.

Use our online booking service to choose a luggage storage site in Austin that is most convenient to your location and schedule. You can either book on arrival at the shop or book online in advance to secure your spot. Make an advance booking and you’re guaranteed a space for your luggage in one of Luggagehero’s many lockers.

But we know that sometimes plans change, especially when you’re on the road. So if you don’t show up, there’s no charge. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nothing! And no, you don’t even have to cancel!


How to safely store luggage in Austin during COVID-19

It’s our common responsibility to try our best, and take care of each other. Remember that every little thing counts!

  • Remember to follow the current measures and guidelines to avoid the spread of the virus.
  • Show consideration to your fellows – keep distance when possible!
  • If you can, wear a mask before and after dropping off your luggage.
  • Wash your hands before and after visiting our certified shops – or use hand sanitizer!
  • If you are sick – STAY HOME!


Download LuggageHero Free App

For even more comfort you can download our LuggageHero bag storage app where you can easily see all our locations around Austin. With our luggage storage app, you are able to store your bags anywhere in our 1000+ locations.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.




Find the most common questions about Austin and luggage storage

Where can I store my luggage in Austin?

You can download LuggageHero app and see all the locations, where you can drop your luggage. There is more than 15 of them.

How much does storing of my luggage cost?

It will cost you $1/hour and $8 per day (24 hours).

Is luggage storage in Austin safe?

Absolutely! We seal all the items with protective foil to prevent any damages and all your items are automatically insured up to $2500.

What is there to see/do in Austin?

Austin is known for its great food and music culture. You can visit one of many music venues for a concert. You can also visit famous distilleries, wineries and breweries. Rent a bike and explore Austin´s urban hiking and biking trails, if you feel like escaping to the nature.

How many days do I need for Austin?

Austin can be explored in 2 days, but if you really want to enjoy the vibe and atmosphere of the city, we recommend to stay 4-5 days.