Green adventure guide – 13 best Eco-friendly travel blogs.
Green adventure guide – 13 best Eco-friendly travel blogs.
Last updated: Aug 11, 2021

The best blogs where you can learn all about Eco-friendly and sustainable travel.

Planes emitting carbon emissions, hotels using gallons of water to launder sheets and towels, thirsty travelers drinking big quantities of water from plastic bottles – traveling is one of the easiest ways to pollute the planet and leave a big footprint. What do you do if you want to travel but hate to leave such a mark on the planet? The good news is that there is something you can do. Many Eco-travel friendly practices can be used to lower your footprint while you are still able to enjoy the wonders of the world.

* While eco-friendliness might have many meanings ascribed to it, what we mean by it in this post is travel that is sustainable and with minimal negative impact on our planet.

Before we introduce you to the 13 best Eco-friendly travel bloggers, we would love to offer you a piece of advice ourselves. Every change begins with a small step, which in this case is how you choose to pack your suitcase. Check out our checklist for packing a “green” luggage.

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The 13 blogs/websites that made the final cut have been selected based on 3 criteria:

  • Quality of the content
  • The practicality of the tips and advice
  • Originality


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But, before reading below My Baggage has put together a great article about the top 7 cities to live in as a vegan. Can you guess what city tops the list? Take a look by simply clicking here.


1. Green Global Travel
Green global travel blog

The Green Global Travel blog is ran by a team of fantastic writers and traveling that aim to help preserve our natural environment. They believe that Ecotourism– responsible travel that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people– is the future of travel. Their mission is to share their deep love for Ecotourism adventures, inspire people to travel and live more, and encourage everyone to do their part to make the world a better place. Check out their post with 30 awesome plastic free products to get inspiration for your next packing.

2. Good Nature Travel

Good nature travel blog

Good Nature Travel is the official travel blog of Natural Habitat Adventures, a nature and adventure travel company that focuses on seeing the world’s most amazing natural places with close to zero impact. The blog has a whole travel facts page where you can learn everything you need to know about Eco-friendly travel and how to minimize your impact on the planet while you keep on exploring. Check out their post about what you need to know about carbon offsets.

3. Small footprints, big adventures

small footprints big adventures travel eco-friendly blog

Small footprints, big adventures is a blog owned by a family of four from Victoria, Australia (Emma, Anthony, Dante and Allegra). What they want is to share their experiences in living more sustainably, and share their adventures with all of us as they travel around the Earth with a positive impact. On their blog, you can find a page that explains perfectly what sustainable travel means and how to offset our travels. The family of four hope that they can offset their flights and do everything they can to live and travel with minimal impact, meaning that their trips are more positive than negative on the environment. Check out their blog to learn more and to get inspiration for how to have minimal impact while you travel.

4. Every Steph

Every step sustainable travel blog

Want to be green but also glamorous? Stefania is 28 years old and from Bologna, Italy. Steph’s motto is   “Green is the new black”. With this blog and her social media, Steph tries to redefine the stereotype of the eco-traveller (you can be both glamorous and travel sustainably!). She refuses to give up either glamour or an eco-friendly lifestyle, and she wants to show you that sustainable travel can easily go hand in hand with a touch of luxury.

While she has tons of articles that will help your green adventures, you can start by checking out her advice on flying green by discovering the top 5 sustainable airlines.

5. Girl about the Globe

girl about the globe solo traveler blog

This one is for all the solo adventurers.  After having travelled to 131 countries and 100 of these solo, Girl about the Globe’s aim is to inspire you to solo travel the world. The blog aims to create 100,000 conscious travellers and to raise £100,000 to impact the lives of vulnerable girls around the globe by the year 2025. They further aim to to empower women to travel alone and show the personal transformation that it brings, to show that solo travel is easier than you may think and to promote conscious travel and reduce the impact on our planet.

To get inspiration for your journey, you can begin by checking out Girl about the Globe’s conscious travel introduction. You can also find 10 points on how to make a difference – “the first way to become a conscious traveler is by reading books or blogs that educate us about the local culture before we travel.”. You can start by checking out their blog.

6. Mindful Wanderlust

mindful wanderlust vegan travel blog

Mindful Wanderlust is the creation of Giselle and Cody. They are a creative, vegan, art and travel loving couple wanting to share their experiences around the globe with people, while doing it in a compassionate and responsible way. The couple has been traveling for the past 8 years and hope to inspire others to view the world around them in a completely different way. Their goal is to raise awareness about the issues that affect us all, and to use our privilege for good.

If you’re a vegan traveler, then this is the perfect blog for you to check out. You can start by reading their article on places to find vegan sushi in New York.

7. Amanda’s Wanderlust

Amanda wanderlust sustainable , eco travel blog

Amanda lives in the UK and loves to travel. However, she is fully aware of the negative impacts of unconscious travel, which is why she set out to find ways to enjoy guilt free, environmentally responsible travel, or as she likes to call it ‘One Planet Travel’ – “after all, we only have the one planet, so we need to protect it”. However, she doesn’t stop there – Amanda is an environmental management practitioner and full member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment, with a track record of leading successful sustainability strategy and environmental programs in large organizations.

Check out her post about sustainable travel that will help you start your journey onto becoming more aware of global processes and environmental issues.

8. Soul Travel Blog

Soul Travel sustainable blog

Soul Travel Blog was created by Ellie and Ravi, a British-Indian couple wandering the world and trying to make a positive difference along the way.  They share stories of mindful travel and the most inspiring sustainable travel projects they stumble upon along their journey. They are passionate about travel which “connects you… to yourself and to the world”, exploring and making the world a better place and sustainable, positive and mindful travel.

Check out the couple’s post on a full itinerary on how to plan a trip to India – your trip of a lifetime (in a sustainable way, of course). Traveling to India is not easy – there is so much to explore! Their blog post is the perfect place to start so that you can make your decisions easily.

9. Fly Green

Fly green search engine travel

While it may not be the classical blog kind of website, it is a fantastic search engine which allows you to offset your flight’s CO2 emissions for free! On the website, not only can you find the perfect flight for you, but you can also check out their blog which has all the information you need for your eco-friendly adventures. Check out their post on 8 easy ways to travel eco-friendly  and get inspiration for your next trip.

10. Smarter Travel

smarter travel blog

Since 1998, Smart Travel have worked hard to bring you the most interesting, useful, and exciting travel information on the Web. They’re a proud member of the TripAdvisor family and also two-time winner of NATJA’s Best Travel Website award.

SmarterTravel deliver expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories, and timely travel news to feed your passion for seeing the world before, during, and after your trip. You can check out their blog on sustainable travel here, where they have articles such as 12 ways to travel sustainably and have a great time or 15 best sustainable clothing brands for travelers.

11. Green Suitcase Travel

Green suitcase travel blog

Green Suitcase Travel is a blog written by a collection of influencers and innovators, with a background in a variety of converging industries and together they come together as artists, thinkers and like-minded individuals with a passion to redefine the way in which we travel, to travel mindfully and purposefully.

In their blog you can find posts on a variety of topics related to sustainable travel such as information on how travelers can help save our planet’s species! Written originally for Earth Day, the post is definitely worth a read for those of you who want to make a difference as they travel around the world.

12. Faraway Lucy

faraway lucy eco travel blog

Faraway Lucy is a blog for the part-time traveler, those who have a career but also prioritize travel for their income. Lucy’s mission is to show you how it is absolutely possible to travel around with a full-time job – “because surely you have to choose one over the other, right? Wrong!”. Lucy can help you see more of the world for less through her travel guides, resources and tips.

The blog’s main goal is to encourage young professional 20-somethings, to travel and explore more of the world. Check out her post on 27 best eco-friendly travel products that will change your life! The best place to start if you want to pack an eco-friendly suitcase.

13. Greenloons

Greenloons eco friendly blog

Greenloons is committed to providing trusted, transparent information about authentic, responsible, sustainable and eco-certified ecotourism travel experiences available around the world.  Their goal is to make it easy to directly connect travelers with meaningful, unique and awesome vacations.

The blog’s founder Irene Lane is an eco-conscious mom who loves to plan vacations and travel to exotic and inspirational places in an environmentally responsible manner. You can check out the blog’s community posts right here. There, you can not only learn about how to make your travels more conscious but also about current news in the eco-friendly travel field.

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