Drop your luggage near central and metro in Copenhagen
Drop your luggage near central and metro in Copenhagen
Last updated: Jun 8, 2020 · 1 min read

Drop your luggage near central and metro in Copenhagen


We vision that you should always be able to reach your destination dropping off your luggage locally at a shop. If just for a few hours you shouldn’t be hassled from carrying around your luggage when on holiday or business trip. That is why we made it possible to have luggage storage in local shops that are certified and carefully instructed in keeping your luggage safe while you can go and enjoy yourself free from luggage.


Find your LuggageHero:

You can find more than 50 shops around Copenhagen that can save you the time from walking around with your luggage. They are part of a network called LuggageHero.

You can find luggage storage all around Copenhagen and near all the major traffic hubs going to and from the Airport:

And many more here: 50 Luggage Storage Locations In Copenhagen

luggage storage copenhagen

Here is a map for luggage storage in Copenhagen:

Remember to book your luggage storage in advance if you want to make sure to get the best places as they often run out of space. Make the booking here (follow the link)

Some insider tips on what to do after you ditch your luggage:

By dropping your luggage you are free to make new experiences.

Nørreport Station is typically the place you want to be if you only have a few hours to spend and you want to get the most out of it before leaving for the airport. Nørreport station and it’s a perfect starting point for your adventures.

Get on a bike

You can jump on a bike from Donkey Republic or have a walk to Rosenborg Castle. Torvehallerne food market is just 2 minutes walk from Nørreport station. The main shopping street in Copenhagen is starting from Nørreport station and will lead you to Christiansborg (The parliament of Denmark).


Find local goods:

Find local goods in central Copenhagen

Local goods from small shops displaying all sorts of special foods. This picture is taken from Torvehallerne in Copenhagen


Make sure to find some seats outside Torvehallerne to enjoy the vibes from Danes on their day off or other tourists. The Danes and people from Copenhagen are known for having a good work-life balance which means you will see people taking a day off to go out on a sunny day to enjoy time with friends and family. So don’t get surprised to see most people surrounding you is Danes here.


Walk in the park


You have been in parks before. Central Park in NY, Hyde Park in London but not a park like HC Ørsteds Parken. This park is in the central of Copenhagen and has a beautiful lake in the middle and lot of historical sights. The picture here is taken from HC Ørsteds Parken (click the name and I show you on the map)


Picture of the lake inside HC Ørsteds Parken. There are small wooden platforms that you sit and enjoy a peaceful time. This park is just next to Torvehallerne so you might want to bring your takeaway food or coffee here to enjoy.