Luggage Storage Connolly Station

Luggage Storage Connolly Station

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Luggage Storage Connolly Station


Are you walking around and need to store your luggage near Connolly Station? Don’t worry, we got you! 

Drop off your items at one of LuggageHero’s luggage storage locations just around the corner.

At LuggageHero, we offer secured and cheap luggage storage. All our shops are certified by LuggageHero. And remember; LuggageHero is the only luggage storage service that offers an hourly and daily rate for maximum flexibility. 


LuggageHero is the ONLY luggage storage service that offers you a choice of hourly or daily rates in Connolly Station.

A flat rate starting at €1.1 per hour and from €4.95 per day allows you to pick an option that will best suit your needs. If you’re only planning on staying for a few hours in a city, why pay for an entire day as you would with other luggage storage services? 

Connolly Station

Connolly Station, also known as Dublin Station (or Stáisiún Uí Chonghaile in Irish) is the busiest train station in Dublin and Ireland. A focal point in the Irish rail route network, it provides InterCity, Enterprise, and commuter services all around Dublin and beyond. It’s located on North Dock and has seven platforms and four terminals. 

The station opened in 1844 as Dublin Station and the station’s name was later changed to Connolly Station after Irish revolutionary James Connolly. The distinctive Italianate tower at the center of the building is what gives the station its authenticity and makes it recognizable. Also, the station is connected by bus to Dublin Port, making it possible for ferries to reach places across the Irish Sea.

From the station, you have easy access to various tourist locations around Dublin such as the Epic Irish Emigration Museum, Aviva Stadium, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Croke Park and Dublin Castle, all 15-20 minutes away by transit.

Say you arrive at Connolly Station in the morning and your next train is that night. You wish to get out of the station and use this special chance to explore Dublin but you’re got two large suitcases with you. Thankfully, with LuggageHero at your service, you can use this time to explore Dublin in one day without having to carry around your luggage.

With three of our luggage-storage locations just down the street from Connolly Station, you may leave your bags at any of those spots just minutes upon arrival and instantly start your sightseeing adventures hassle-free. Simply put, LuggageHero saves you time and makes for a more comfortable and more memorable trip.

So, leave your heavy luggage with us and start exploring Dublin!


Half price compared to station lockers and airport lockers

Luggage lockers, also called city lockers, are generally at least double as expensive on a daily basis compared to LuggageHero’s luggage storage service. Until recently, travelers could only stow their bags in these luggage lockers, offering very little flexibility regarding pricing, where to go, and luggage deposit.

Also, LuggageHero offers stores in countless places in order for you to always have the option of dropping off your luggage in a safe environment. Unlike luggage lockers in stations and airports, LuggageHero offers both hourly and daily rates. LuggageHero strives to offer flexible and cheap luggage storage nearby you at all times. 

We store all kinds of luggage – any size and any shape in verified stores

LuggageHero’s users can store luggage of any size and/or shape in any of our storage locations. It doesn’t matter if it is ski equipment, photo equipment, or backpacks. In other words, you can get baggage storage, suitcase storage, luggage deposit, or whatever our satisfied customers call it in a safe way as we accommodate it all. LuggageHero’s customers can choose to be charged by the hour or choose our daily rate, regardless of what they store.

LuggageHero redefines convenience for travelers. Take advantage of our generous baggage allowance and leave your luggage and carry-on bags in our secure, innovative, and environmentally friendly locker storage. You can easily bounce into our store and embark on your adventures unburdened by heavy luggage! 

We can stow your luggage for several days

LuggageHero also provides multi-day storage, because we know flexibility is essential when you travel.

LuggageHero offers a lower daily rate when you store your luggage for longer. From the second day onwards, our customers pay from only €4.95 per bag per day.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app

For greater convenience, you can download LuggageHero’s app to see all our locations near you.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.

Opening hours

We have a variety of stores with different opening hours, so choose what fits you best! Go and pick the store here to see the opening hours.

Which payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted. Be aware that the shops do not receive cash when using LuggageHero, and remember that the insurance on your luggage is valid only if the payment has been made directly to LuggageHero.

Cancellation of booking

For same-day cancellations, a fee of €5.00/$5.00/£5.00/DKK30.00 per bag will be charged for the booking, and for no-shows, there will be a fee equal to the daily rate at the selected storage location starting at €4.95 per bag.

Also been featured in The New York Times, Lonely Planet, and CNBC.