Your 2024 Guide to finding luggage lockers and storage in Sydney

LuggageHero provides numerous stores for convenient luggage storage in Sydney, offering flexible pricing with options to pay per hour or choose a daily rate. To enhance your experience, we recommend downloading the app below, which is designed for use in ALL LuggageHero’s cities.

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LuggageHero redefines convenience for travelers. Take advantage of our generous baggage allowance and leave your luggage and carry-on bags in our secure, innovative, and environmentally friendly locker storage. You can quickly bounce into our store and embark on adventures unburdened by heavy luggage!

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  • Flexible arrival
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  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • LuggageHero
  • Daily, Hourly, & multi-day
  • Up to $3000
  • Yes
  • +140.000
  • Name
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  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
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  • NannyBag
  • Daily
  • Up to $1100
  • No
  • 27,802
  • Name
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  • Vertoe
  • Daily
  • Up to $5000
  • No
  • 4,708
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  • Radical Storage
  • Daily
  • No
  • No
  • 900

LuggageHero has many stores in Sydney, so you can always find a luggage locker store nearby. Also, LuggageHero is the only service that offers an hourly AND daily price for maximum flexibility.

Use our map to find which stores are near Sydney

By simply searching for a luggage store or luggage storage facility in your search bar you can easily find the closest storage near you.

Why LuggageHero is your best option Find luggage storage locations in Paris  :

Featured in Lonely Planet and New York Times.

LuggageHero offers storage options  which means you can stow away your belongings for hours or even days if you need to.

Easy, quick, budget-friendly

  • When using LuggageHero in Sydney, you only pay $1/hour, or $4.5 a day.
  • If you store your luggage for several days, you only pay a maximum of $4.5 on the first day and only $4.5 afterward
  • Book online and receive your directions, or simply download LuggageHero’s app

Safety is our no. 1 priority

Don’t leave your bags just behind, but also your worries. Each piece of luggage left in one of our LuggageHero locations in Sydney can be insured up to per bag, the highest insurance coverage in the industry.

Quality-checked partner locations

Luggage storage sites are located inside existing businesses, including retail outlets, hotels, cafes, and more. All are vetted by LuggageHero’s local employee, who performs regular quality checks.

Enjoy Sydney with no time limit

If anything, you should be the boss of your own schedule while on vacation. This is why we have partnered up with locations that are open around the clock so that you can make the most of your visit without having to think of closing times.

Traveling with friends and family made easy 

Traveling with friends or family? Then don’t pass up the chance to get a special discount for storing 10 or more pieces of luggage. Write us a quick message and you’re all set to go.

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Half the price of station lockers in Sydney and airport lockers

Luggage lockers, also called city lockers, are generally at least twice as expensive on a daily basis as LuggageHero’s luggage storage service. Until relatively recently, travelers could only stow their bags in these luggage lockers, which offer very little flexibility in regard to pricing and location. where to go and luggage deposit. Today, LuggageHero offers countless stores in various cities to ensure you always have the option of dropping off your luggage in a protected environment. Unlike luggage lockers in stations and airports, LuggageHero also offers both an hourly and daily rate for maximum flexibility. LuggageHero tries to offer safe and cheap luggage storage near you at all times. 

Luggage storage facility for suitcase, baggage and odd-sized luggage

We check all our hotels and local shops in order for us to be able to offer space for whatever you need; ski equipment, photo equipment, backpacks or whatever. This is simply another method for us to give you the most flexible baggage storage, suitcase storage and luggage deposit.  

Our service is similar to hotel luggage storage

Many travelers who have been customers at hotels have asked the staff at the reception if they could store their luggage until they depart the city later in the day. For the most part, we offer the same service for everyone – no matter if they stay at a hotel, Airbnb or anywhere else. We are always ready to help you out. 

Stow your bags in verified stores with discount codes

We offer our loyal customers and new customers a discount code for two hours of FREE luggage storage. The discount code works the rest of 2024 in ALL cities and ALL stores – including Premium Partner stores!

Why are you searching for luggage storage in Sydney?

Maybe you have to check out of your Airbnb apartment, rental place, or hotel and your flight isn’t until tonight?

Or… You just arrived in Sydney, ready to explore everything the city has to offer, but your rental place isn’t ready for you for 5 more hours? Most travelers have been in similar situations and experienced the struggle of luggage first hand.

Sydney offers a range of possibilities when it comes to luggage storage and we have gathered everything into this guide to help you.

Bag storage options in Sydney

We’ve listed them below:

1. Sydney Town Hall

The Sydney Town Hall is a late 19th-century heritage-listed town hall building in the city of Sydney. The Town Hall hosts the chambers of the Lord Mayor of Sydney, council offices, and venues for different meetings and various functions.

The Town Hall itself does not offer luggage storage options.  However, there are many hotels nearby where you can try your luck storing luggage.

2. Sydney Airport Luggage Storage

Baggage storage facilities are available at all terminals at Sydney Airport.

T1 International Terminal
A left luggage facility can be found at the north end of the ground floor (street level) Arrivals area, near the access hallway for the train station.

T2 Domestic Terminal
A left luggage facility can be found at the north end of the ground floor (street level) Arrivals area.

T3 Domestic Terminal – Qantas
A left luggage facility can be found on the Arrivals level, near baggage carousel 5. It is available between 06.00 and 23.00 (6 am and 11 pm).

Left Luggage Costs 
The charge is $10 per bag/suitcase for a maximum of up to six hours, $15 for up to 24 hours of luggage storage.

3. St. James Station 

Staff is available at this station in these hours:
Monday-Friday Weekends/public holidays
24 hours (station closed 12.30am-4am) 24 hours (station closed 1am-4am)

The station does NOT have luggage storage facilities.

The station offers:

  • Opal card top-up or single trip ticket machine
  • Payphone
  • Emergency help point
  • Wheelchair accessible payphone
  • Kiss and ride stopping area

4. Sydney Central Station 

There are no official Sydney Central Railway Station lockers. The World Square Shopping Centre in the CBD offers the closest luggage lockers to Sydney’s Central Railway Station.

Opening Hours

Monday-Sunday: 6 AM-10 PM

There is no overnight luggage storage at the Central Station in Sydney.

The baggage lockers at the World Square Shopping Center have 24-hour access.

Passengers with tickets pay A$4.40 per item for short-term luggage storage at Central Station in Sydney. Passengers have to show proof that they will travel the same day and size restrictions apply.

5. Museum Station

Staff is on duty at this station during these hours:
Monday-Friday Weekends/public holidays
24 hours (station closed 12.30am-4am) 24 hours (station closed 1am-4am)

There are currently no lockers or luggage storage options at Museum Station.

6. Circular Quay 

“The Quay” is Sydney’s main ferry terminus – located in the very heart of Sydney Cove, the founding place for the settlement of Australia. It is used as a gateway, connecting tourists to Sydney’s major attractions – Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and The Rocks.

Smart Carte, the company that operates luggage storage lockers in most Sydney transportation hubs offers luggage storage at the Rocks.

Address: 55 Harrington Street

Opening hours: from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Small luggage – $12, Bigger bags – $20

7. Wynyard

As part of the Central Business District, Wynyard centers on Wynyard Station is a major hub for suburban trains and buses to Sydney’s northern beaches. A lot of lively bars and casual places to eat cater to an after-work crowd, while Wynyard Park is a popular spot to grab lunch for office workers. In the area, one can find many mid-and upscale hotels which draw business and leisure guests.

Useful Tips on how to get yourself luggage storage in Sydney:

  • TIP: The demand for luggage storage in Sydney can be high and therefore it can be tricky to find places where you can store your belongings for free, but it is doable!

Travel Hack: Try walking into a random hotel and acting as you are a guest. Some hotels offer luggage storage for their guests and sometimes even for people who are not staying at the hotel, you can also just ask! And remember to give a great tip in case they agree to store your bags.

Luggage storage at museums and galleries in Sydney: With countless sights to see, Sydney has a very rich and diverse cultural life. However, it might be more difficult to enjoy it, if you suddenly find yourself unable to enter a place you’ve been dying to visit because of your trolley which is why it can be so important to find the right place to store luggage in Sydney.

Main tourist attractions in Sydney and their locker situation:

  • Royal Botanic Gardens – Available storage currently with Eelway.
  • Sydney Opera House – Larger items – including handbags bigger than A4-size, backpacks, umbrellas, suitcases, and prams – are not permitted inside the venues and must be cloaked. Cloaking is at the discretion of Opera House venue security staff and all items will be visually inspected.
  • Bondi Beach – There are lockers available at the beach for a fee.
  • Taronga Zoo – There are lockers available at the location.


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FAQ about luggage storage in Sydney

Here are some of the most often asked questions and answers on storing luggage in Sydney

Where can I leave my suitcase in Sydney?

There are many storage lockers in Sydney. Most train and bus stations provide facilities to store luggage. Also, nowadays there are numerous luggage storage companies that provide storage lockers all over Sydney. It is therefore easy to find luggage storage nearby if you have access to the internet.

Can you store luggage at Sydney Airport?

SmarteCarte offers luggage storage lockers by the Terminal 1 Arrivals Level. Open daily from 06:00 to 21:30.

Does Sydney Central Station have lockers?

The baggage lockers at the World Square Shopping Center have 24-hour access. Passengers with tickets pay A$4.40 per item for short-term luggage storage at Central Station in Sydney.

Is LuggageHero safe to use?

LuggageHero is very safe to use as each time you store your luggage, you have insurance for up to $3000 on your belongings if you chose to add it.

Luggage Storage in locations around Sydney

Store your luggage in a local shop from $1/hour