The Donut Network
The Donut Network

Who doesn't love donuts?

We know from experience that people love donuts. While we maybe didn’t go through an extensive scientific research study, we have proof.

One of our biggest Heroes built their reputation on donuts and coffee.

They are located very close to a tourist attraction in Washington DC, USA which does not allow bags of any kind. Not even a small purse.

They saw the opportunity.

The General Manager of this location got up a little early one morning and purchased enough donuts and coffee for the security and customer service team at this attraction. He explained where he was from, said he was aware of the bag policy, and said he was there to help.

Along with the donuts he had printed off a stack of his Hero Code to give to them.

The result? Any time a tourist tries to come through with a bag the security team pulls out a Hero Code and points them in the Heroes direction.

 Become a local Hero

You know your local area infinitely better than we here at LuggageHero will ever know it. Use that to your advantage and find those opportunities to drive customers to you


Develop a fanbase

By getting over to these locations with bag restrictions those who are working on the front lines will know you. They will want you to succeed and will refer travelers to you

 Show the benefit

This locations know they have a bag problem. Customers can become upset at the inconvenience. Be their Hero and solve the problem for them


Be ready!

When the donut network works your shop will be flooded at certain times with loads of customers in a hurry. Make sure you’re set up for it!

Time To Make The Donuts

 Identify what’s around you

Like we said, you know your area better than we do. Find those stadiums, museums, attractions, festivals, or whatever it might be around you that are tourist hot spots


Find the bag policy

Most venues list their bag policy somewhere on their website; usually under their FAQs. What can you bring in? A backpack? A purse? None of those? Before you head over know a little about what they do and do not allow


Beyond venues

Don’t limit yourself to venues. Tour guides, anyone selling tickets, visitor centers, whatever. If they are involved and around tourist they are someone you want in your donut network


Choose your pastry

Does it have to be donuts? Absolutely not. Muffins, croissants, bagels, empanadas, whatever. The point is to find something small which will have an impact; leave an impression


Don’t forget the Hero Code

Finally, make it easy for them. Whether you print out your Hero Code to take over or leave them a digital copy somehow, your Hero Code unlocks everything from bookings to directions. Your network won’t have to spend time explaining how things work or how to find you. They simply have the traveler scan and they are off to find you

Have you already created a donut network?

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