Luggage Storage Guide NYC 2020

Store your luggage anywhere in NYC from $1/hour

Guide: How and where to find lockers and places to store your luggage in NYC, Manhattan and Brooklyn as of 2020

Find information about Coronavirus in New York City right here. 

We have gathered the best insider tips and tricks for you that want the easiest way to get around this as of 2020. So when you have read this guide, then you will never stand in the middle of New York and search for: “luggage storage near me”!

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Free Guide for places to store luggage in NYC:

This Guide Includes All Major companies offering luggage storage in NYC including discount vouchers. See below

Here you can find different alternatives to storing your luggage while you enjoy yourself. In New York, most airports and train stations, unlike in some big cities, don’t offer to store luggage due to safety precautions.  Don’t worry – there are other alternatives

Access this map for free to compare all the services available in NYC straight to your smartphone

Press the icons to see details about each locationinsurance, and price. This map includes all locations to store luggage in NYC.  However, the map does not include luggage lockers in NYC as there aren’t any. To open up this map in full screen: Click here

Best rated in NYC: LuggageHero Find luggage storage locations in nyc

Use a local shop (coffee shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, and stores) in New York City to store your luggage for as low as .

Also, LuggageHero uses only certified shops and provides insurance and security seal at over 140 different Luggage Storage Locations in New York City


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Luggage storage with LuggageHero

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LuggageHero offers a place to store luggage in over 140 shops all over NYC and you are able to store your belongings for hours or even days if you need to.

This is the best offer for storing luggage in NYC:

  • /hour per bag + a one time handling fee per bag! Nevermore than a day per bag. 
  • $3000 insurance per items stored
  • Security Seal for your luggage is provided in the shop
  • Certified shops approved by LuggageHero
  • Always a certified shop nearby with around 140 shops in N.Y
  • Online customer service 24/7
  • Great prices and a user-friendly platform
  • No correct currency needed. All major credit cards accepted

Four simple steps to leave your luggage with LuggageHero

  1. When booking online you are always guaranteed space.
  2. Start the storage timer in your browser when arriving at the shop or use the link sent to you to access your booking page.
  3. Enjoy yourself in New York!
  4. Pick up your luggage and stop the storage timer on your booking page.

Costs and Discount Voucher

  • per hour + a one-time handling fee of  – maximum /first 24 hours and  for additional days day including free luggage storage insurance

Want to know more about LuggageHero? Get to know the concept by reading this FAQ and or read about the team behind here.

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Luggage storage with LuggageHero in New York whether you’re at Grant Central Station, Port Authority, Penn Station and many other locations.

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For even more comfort and ease, you can download our LuggageHero bag storage app where you can  see all our locations around New York.

LuggageHero bag storage app

All these companies can offer you bag storage in NYC – We’ve listed them below:

CityCoPilot has two locations where you are able to store your luggage. It’s located on Times Square and Lower East Side

The price is $10 daily per bag and if you are not able to pick up your bag.

Insurance – unknown.

These are the locations:

Schwartz luggage and storage has two locations in the heart of Manhattan. You can leave your luggage for hours for $2.5/hour

Insurance: Extra Cost.

At Short Term Show are you able to store your luggage at their location 270 W 36th St, between 7th and 8th Ave. Prices range from $5 – $10 for short-term storing and $2.5 – $5 dollars for long-term storing. Aside from storing, there is free WIFI and it possible to use a printer at a cost of $1. 

LuggageKeeper is located close to Times Square, 357 W 36th St, 2nd Floor. Drop off your baggage and pay $7 – $10 a day depending on the size of your luggage.

Insurance: NO

CBH Luggage Storage offers a range of services including left baggage storage and it is located 43 West 46th Street, between 5th & 6th Avenue.

You are able to store your luggage here for days or just a couple of hours depending on your needs. The prices range from $8 – $10 days depending on the size of your luggage and $2.5 per hour.

Insurance: Yes, unknown coverage.

Click here to see this model comparing all the companies in NYC offering luggage storage:

Great Tip for how to get yourself FREE luggage storage in NYC:

TIP: The demand for luggage storage NYC is high and therefore it can be tricky to find places where you can store your belongings for free, but it is possible!


Travel Hack: Walk into a random hotel and act as you are staying there. Some hotels offer luggage storage for their guests and sometimes even for people who are not staying at the hotel, just ask! And remember to give a great tip in case they want to store it.

LuggageHero also offers luggage storage at hotels. Read more here.

Alternative: Luggage storage at museums and galleries

If you’re going to store luggage for more than just a few hours it’s sometimes cheaper to use self-storage facilities at museums and galleries. But please be aware of last-minute changes as NYC high-alert can make these things change fast.

Below we’ve gathered a collection of museums and galleries in New York that might keep your small back bag but not larger luggage. Please make sure to call ahead if you want to be 100% sure.

Airports offering luggage storage in NYC:

luggage storage in NYC Airport

Why are you searching for a luggage storage service in NYC?

Maybe you have to check out of your Airbnb apartment, rental place or hotel and your flight isn’t until tonight?

Or… You just arrived in NYC, ready to find the iconic trademarks you know from TV, but your rental place isn’t ready for you for 5 more hours? Most travellers have been in similar situations and experienced the struggle of luggage first hand. 

NYC offers a range of possibilities when it comes to the luggage storage service and we have gathered everything into this guide to help you.

Therefore there is no reason for you to carry around heavy luggage when you should be enjoying the Big Apple.

If you didn’t find what you were searching for this is a great guide to:

You can also find a great guide on luggage storage in NYC here. Click here

FAQ about luggage storage in New York City

Here are some of the most often asked questions and answers on storing luggage in NYC.

Are there storage lockers in New York

Yes, there are many storage lockers in New York. Most train stations and airports provide facilities to store luggage. Also, nowadays there are numerous luggage storage companies that provide storage lockers all over New York. It is therefore easy to find luggage storage nearby if you have access to the internet.

How do I find luggage storage near me? 

It is easy to find storage lockers nearby if you search online for a luggage storage company. You can find sites where you can quickly locate a storage locker nearby. This is easy to do because luggage storage companies have maps that show where their different storage locations are throughout the relevant city. 

What is the price to store luggage in New York?

Most luggage services in and around New York charge their customers for an entire day. However, some newer luggage storage services provide customers with another pricing system, where they instead charge for each hour.

Is there luggage storage in the Port Authority Bus Terminal? 

There are several opportunities to store luggage in and around the Port Authority Bus Terminal. But the Port Authority Bus Terminal does not offer facilities to store luggage. However, luggage storage companies offer many locations near the station where customers can store their luggage and pay on an hourly basis, which you cannot do at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. 

Are there any storage lockers at Penn Station?

There are several opportunities to store luggage near Penn Station. Several luggage storage companies provide many locations near Penn Station where customers can drop off their luggage and pay hourly for safe luggage storage.

Do all luggage storage companies in New York provide insurance?

Most of the luggage storage companies do provide some sort of insurance but always remember to check before booking.