Guide: Luggage Storage in Montréal

Look here if you are looking for lockers and places to leave your luggage in Montréal:

If you love to travel, there’s nothing more annoying than carrying your luggage through an entire city. Well, maybe you like to carry it around – if not, this is our coverage of where to store your luggage when in Montréal.

Note: There are no self-service lockers at any stations due to safety regulations that have been implemented in the city of Montréal.

A specially designed map of luggage storage locations in Montréal:

Press the icons to see details about each location. This map includes all locations from leading luggage providers currently across Montréal.

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Luggage storage options

Centre Eaton Montréal

The Eaton Centre is located in the heart of Downtown Montreal and is a major part of Montreal’s Underground City. The main entrance is located on Saint Catherine Street and there is direct access to the metro via Mcgill Metro Station making this location super convenient whether you are enjoying the beautiful summer sun, or avoiding the winter cold.


  • Prices start at $1

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 10am – 9pm

Saturday: 10am – 6pm

Sunday: 11am – 5:00pm

Lockers are available on the Tunnel level, in the food court.

Use this Google Map link for address: Centre Eaton Montréal

Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

With a range of different storage options to suit all passengers needs, the Cloakroom is a one-stop shop for your luggage storage. The public transport bus ‘747’ runs between the airport and the central bus terminal aside from private transportion methods.


  • Small luggage:$7
  • Medium suitcase:$8
  • Large suitcases:$9
  • Extra Large:$10

Opening hours


Located in the Public Area of the Domestic Terminal. Please note that baggage wrapped in plastic cannot be checked at the cloakroom.

Use this Google Map link for address: International Airport


You might be lucky to stay in a hotel willing to store your bags. This is a great option if you need a little more time to look around the area where your hotel is located. If you want to explore places away from your hotel, it’s possible that some hotels will let you store your bags for a fee even if you are not a guest. However, not all hotels offer this service to people who are not staying at the hotel, but it never hurts to ask!


Luggage storage at museums and galleries

If you’re going to store luggage for more than just a few hours it’s sometimes cheaper to use self-storage facilities at museums, galleries, and live performance venues. It’s also a great excuse to experience a cultural aspect in Montréal! However, not all museums offer this service and you might have to leave your bags at one of the nearby stations.

Central Station – Montreal

If you are a customer of VIA Rail services and have a valid departure ticket. Many stations will all you to use a “Check-Room Service” free of charge; day of departure. This allows you to leave your bags in the station and continue enjoying Montréal until your departure. 

Opening hours


The official term used by VIA is “Check-Room Service”

Use this Google Map link for address: Gare Centrale

Gare d’autocars de Montréal (Central Bus Terminal)

If you are a customer that used the Montréal bus terminal and have a valid ticket (either outbound or inbound). The station has a luggage room you may use. You have the option of extending your storage time past 24hrs if you wish.


  • Small luggage and handbags:$6
  • Large suitcases:$12

Opening hours


Upon rental, a proof of travel, (an outbound ticket or a receipt of an arriving ticket), will need to be presented. Please present yourself at the ticket counter, open 24hrs, to purchase a token.

Use this Google Map link for address: Central Terminal

Why you should store your luggage

Sightseeing and attractions just aren’t the same with a suitcase in each hand and a backpack. This is the key reason why you should consider planning where to store your luggage while shopping and exploring the city of Montréal. 

Besides the struggling with unhandy suitcases, they also put a physical strain on you as you carry them around with you. Therefore, left luggage storage is the perfect service for you! While storing your luggage in a safe place you’re able to enjoy your time in Montréal.