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Luggage Storage Washington/Wells


Are you walking around and need to store your luggage near Washington/Wells? Don’t worry, we got you! 

Drop off your items at one of LuggageHero’s luggage storage locations just around the corner.

At LuggageHero, we offer secured and cheap luggage storage. All our shops are certified by LuggageHero. And remember; LuggageHero is the only luggage storage service that offers an hourly and daily rate for maximum flexibility. 


LuggageHero is the ONLY luggage storage service that offers you a choice of hourly or daily rates in Washington/Wells.

A flat rate starting at $1 per hour and from $4.5 per day allows you to pick an option that will best suit your needs. If you’re only planning on staying for a few hours in a city, why pay for an entire day as you would with other luggage storage services? 

You can store your bags with one of our luggage storage locations just around Washington/Wells. Explore Chicago hassle-free.

LuggageHero storage sites are certified hotels, cafes, and shops. Advance bookings ensure space for your bags. The address and directions to our partner shops are available at the time of booking. All bags are insured up to once you have dropped off your bags and started our storage timer on your booking page.

Use our map to find the nearest certified shops in Washington/Wells


Washington/Wells is a Chicago subway station operated by the Chicago Transit Authority, located at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Wells Street.

It is a large steel and concrete station, with wooden platforms for the docks. It is accessible to people with reduced mobility thanks to lifts on each platform.

It is the only station in Chicago with such a large capacity, it can accommodate 8 cars.

Washington/Wells is served by the brown line on the outer route of the Loop and by the purple, orange, and pink lines on the inner route of the Loop. The station also serves as a connection for the Chicago Transit Authority bus.


Things to do near Washington/Wells

The third most populated city in the United States and also an important economic and cultural center, you will not be bored.
If you are close to Washington/Wells Station, there is plenty to do :

The Willis Tower

The Willis Tower is an American skyscraper located in Chicago, Illinois. It is now the second tallest building in the Americas and Western Hemisphere. It is located at 233 South Wacker Drive in the Loop financial sector.

The Skydeck is THE lookout point, it is located on the 103rd floor at 412 meters in height. From this point of view and in clear weather one sees the plains of Illinois, and across Lake Michigan, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. In addition, since 2009 Skydeck has fully glazed retractable balconies that have the particularity of detaching 120 cm from the facade to the outside giving the impression to visitors to dive into the void.


The Field Museum

The Field Museum is a natural history museum located in Chicago at 1400 South Lake Shore Drive on the shores of Lake Michigan. The museum’s collection contains more than twenty-four million specimens representing only a small portion of the entire collection.

The Museum is organized into four main departments: anthropology, zoology, botany and geology.

There are:

  • Exhibitions of the world’s animals
  • Exhibition on the world built under their feet
  • Exhibition on Ancient Egypt
  • Exhibition on the Evolution of the Planet
  • A gallery with a large collection of diamonds and gems from all over the world
  • Exhibition on pre-Columbian civilization
  • Study laboratories


Millennium Park

Or you can also see Millennium Park. It is a public park in the City of Chicago located in the western Loop Community Area.
In this park, you absolutely must see The Cloud Gate. It is a monumental sculpture in steel of 110 tons. This sculpture reflects the sky, passers-by and skyscrapers that surround it.
You can walk around and under the arch containing a concave chamber called “omphalos” that multiplies and distorts the image of spectators by reverberation.

By standing near Washington/Wells Station, you can also easily go to the Art Institute, Macy’s for a shopping session, the Buckingham Fountain or the Navy Pier.


Store your bags with LuggageHero

Unlike similar options, all our shops in Chicago have been reviewed by a LuggageHero employee. We further provide security seals for each piece of luggage, and each piece of luggage and its contents are insured for up to $3000. You will not find any other luggage storage providers in Chicago that offer the same perks. If you are having issues or problems in Chicago, our online customer chat support is available for you 24/7.


Half price compared to station lockers and airport lockers

Luggage lockers, also called city lockers, are generally at least double as expensive on a daily basis compared to LuggageHero’s luggage storage service. Until recently, travelers could only stow their bags in these luggage lockers, offering very little flexibility regarding pricing, where to go, and luggage deposit.

Also, LuggageHero offers stores in countless places in order for you to always have the option of dropping off your luggage in a safe environment. Unlike luggage lockers in stations and airports, LuggageHero offers both hourly and daily rates. LuggageHero strives to offer flexible and cheap luggage storage nearby you at all times. 

We store all kinds of luggage – any size and any shape in verified stores

LuggageHero’s users can store luggage of any size and/or shape in any of our storage locations. It doesn’t matter if it is ski equipment, photo equipment, or backpacks. In other words, you can get baggage storage, suitcase storage, luggage deposit, or whatever our satisfied customers call it in a safe way as we accommodate it all. LuggageHero’s customers can choose to be charged by the hour or choose our daily rate, regardless of what they store.

LuggageHero redefines convenience for travelers. Take advantage of our generous baggage allowance and leave your luggage and carry-on bags in our secure, innovative, and environmentally friendly locker storage. You can easily bounce into our store and embark on your adventures unburdened by heavy luggage! 

We can stow your luggage for several days

LuggageHero also provides multi-day storage, because we know flexibility is essential when you travel.

LuggageHero offers a lower daily rate when you store your luggage for longer. From the second day onwards, our customers pay from only $4.5 per bag per day.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app

For greater convenience, you can download LuggageHero’s app to see all our locations near you.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.

Opening hours

We have a variety of stores with different opening hours, so choose what fits you best! Go and pick the store here to see the opening hours.

Which payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted. Be aware that the shops do not receive cash when using LuggageHero, and remember that the insurance on your luggage is valid only if the payment has been made directly to LuggageHero.

Cancellation of booking

For same-day cancellations, a fee of €5.00/$5.00/£5.00/DKK30.00 per bag will be charged for the booking, and for no-shows, there will be a fee equal to the daily rate at the selected storage location starting at $4.5 per bag.

Also been featured in The New York Times, Lonely Planet, and CNBC.

Frequently asked questions about Washington/Wells

What to do in Chicago ?

You can take a walk on Chicago Riverwalk with its restaurants and bars, visit the Adler Planetarium or head to the Music Box Theatre.

How can I find the nearest LuggageHero storage location near McPherson Square ?

To find the location closest to you, you can go to the LuggageHero website and click on book now by entering all your information. Or you can download the LuggageHero app to make your booking easier.

Can I drop off my luggage by hour with LuggageHero ?

Yes LuggageHero is an hourly service. It’s an hour and never more than 6$ a day