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Book online now – press here collaborates with local shops and hostels around Copenhagen helping travelers in need of a place to store their piece of luggage.

No more paying for expensive places to store your luggage. For only 1€/hour this is the cheapest and most flexible service in Copenhagen.



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Why LuggageHero and Luggage storage

Only hand-picked and certified shops are part of the service. Security seals are used to keep your luggage safe.

This service offers multiple left luggage service locations in Copenhagen (over 45 locations). For instance near Nørreport station, Copenhagen Central Station and many more locations.

Insurance is included for each item of luggage for up to 1700€.

Read all the good reviews on the service on Facebook or our front page here.

Left luggage service - LuggageHero helps you store your luggage in Copenhagen

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your possibilities are limited because you have to carry around a piece of luggage.

This might be the case if you are a tourist who stayed at an Airbnb apartment that could not store your luggage or simply because your plans changed. In other words, the bag you brought isn’t practical and is actually holding you back.

This is where LuggageHero can be helpful. We collaborate with several local shops around Copenhagen to provide you with easy, safe, fair-priced and convenient left luggage service.

In other words we have you covered so you can enjoy the city without the hassle and weight of your suitcase holding you back.

How it works

If you are  in the need of a left luggage service you can use the LuggageHero app or webpage and find the most convenient place to store your luggage.

LuggageHero offers multiple convenient locations around Copenhagen where you can drop your bags.

Do you need to catch the train or metro later in the day? Choose one of our left luggage locations near Nørreport station or Copenhagen Central station, or maybe one of our other locations better suits your needs.

Just specify when and how many pieces of luggage you need to have stored and chosen the location that fits your needs.

The shops

As mentioned before they are all certified and we have partnered up with shops of all sizes. They might have limited space available but they’ll defiantly help you store your luggage.

We recommend that you book your left luggage service online to make sure that the shop saves room for your luggage – don’t worry, you will not be charged until you actually drop off your luggage.

Left Luggage service for Airbnb

LuggageHero can be very helpful for Airbnb hosts.

Renting out your apartment or house through Airbnb or other BnB sites you sometimes experience that your guests need a place to store their luggage. Usually before or after they check in/out.

In order to help your guests, you can offer to store their luggage at your place. However, this might not always be possible if your plans doesn’t match the plans of your guest.

Don’t worry about disappointing their request for left luggage any more.

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You can refer your guest to LuggageHero and we can take care of their luggage for you. This will be more convenient for your guests as they don’t have to think about commuting back and forth to your BnB. They just drop off their luggage at one of our partner shops in Copenhagen.

Book online now:

Go to the booking platform here and find your most convenient luggage storage location.

When you have made a reservation for storage, show up whenever it suits you. All you have to do is check in when you arrive at the designated shop and check out whenever picking up, everything through our online platform.

In other words – storage made easy. No payments in cash, no waiting in line, everything is handled online.