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Luggage Storage Los Angeles

You’ve just arrived at Los Angeles airport and want to start your day? That can be difficult if you can’t check in immediately at your rental or hotel and your suitcases are slowing you down. Instead, you can easily store your luggage in Los Angeles.

Luggage storage has never been more accessible! Just go to the LuggageHero reservation platform to find a handy storage site inside a shop or other business – all verified by us. Using our map, you can locate the shops close to transportation hubs and top visitor attractions and store your luggage there.

Drop off your bags by using LuggageHero’s network of more than 25 shops located around crucial traffic hubs and popular districts. These include Union Station, Greyhound Hollywood Station, LA City College, Chinatown, Koreatown, and Downtown LA.

Let’s say that you arrive from Los Angeles International Airport hours before your rental is ready and you want to check out the sights without pulling your luggage behind you. Maybe you want to visit Venice Beach, Hollywood, hang out in Beverly Hills, or maybe take a tour in Universal Studios. Make all days count, we’re here with storage for luggage for you.

Are you heading to the NOHO Arts District or Westwood village? Don’t you worry, we got you covered there as well.

Are you ready to store your bags in one of our many Los Angeles bag storage locations?

You can even store your luggage when enjoying a match at Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, and SoFi Stadium.

Must-See Locations in LA and How to Get to Them


Chinatown is a beautiful space where sound, sight, and taste combine and paint a colorful canvas of culture. It is a place that draws travelers from all around the world to itself. Historically, Chinatown was located near Union Station; however, by 1938, it relocated, and the Central Plaza was built, planned, and owned by the Chinese. Chinatown is also home to many events that pay homage to Chinese culture, such as the Chinese New Year, Chinatown Summer Nights and CicLAvia, and the Moon Festival.

To get to Chinatown by public transport, you can take 28, 76, and 83 busses. 91 Perris Valley Line, San Bernardino Line, and Ventura County Line trains, the Red Line Subway, and the Gold Line Light Rail. To get to Chinatown from:

  • Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles, take bus number 4 followed by bus number 28
  • Gayley Avenue, Los Angeles, take bus 20 and then bus 28
Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills the home to many celebrities is a city in Los Angeles County that is neighbors the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Beverly Hills is very rich with pop culture and many people visit Beverly Hills to see beautiful mega-mansions and take a stroll down Rodeo Drive which is a well-known shopping district.

To get to Beverly Hills you can take the 20, 4, and 720 buses, the Orange County Line train, and the Red Line subway. To get to Beverly Hills from:

  • Norwalk Station, you can take the Green Line subway, then the 210-bus, followed by the 20 bus.
  • Union Station, you can take the Red Line subway and then bus number 20
  • North Hollywood Station 237/656, then bus number 4
  • Pacific Park Santa Monica bus 20

If you want to learn more about LuggageHero or the storage luggage business in general, then you are welcome to check out this article by the New York Times.

Major and popular stations in LA

Union Station – is the central railway station in Los Angeles, California, and the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. Los Angeles Union Station is marked by colorful tiles, shady arcades, fountains, and towering palms—the epitome of Southern California glamour.

Downtown LA a residential and business district of Central Los Angeles. It’s also the hub for the city’s rail and metro transit systems for Southern California and is home to many open parks and gardens, such as Grand Park, Maguire Gardens, and the Japanese Garden.

Universal Studios – is a theme park and film studio in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County. It’s one of the oldest film studios still used today.


Luggagehero is the ONLY luggage storage service that offers hourly or daily rates in Los Angeles. A flat rate starting at $5.4 per day and from $1.19 per hour allows you to pick an option that will best suit your needs. If you only plan to stay for a few hours in a city, why pay for an entire day, as you would with other luggage storage services? All luggage is covered against damage, loss, and theft.

Half price compared to station lockers and airport lockers

Luggage lockers, also called city lockers, are generally at least double as expensive daily compared to LuggageHero’s luggage storage service.

Until recently, travelers could only stow their bags in these luggage lockers, which offered very little flexibility in regard to pricing, where to go, and luggage deposit. Also, LuggageHero offers stores in countless places so that you always have the option of dropping off your luggage in a safe environment. Unlike luggage lockers in stations and airports, LuggageHero offers both hourly and daily rates. LuggageHero always strives to provide flexible and cheap luggage storage near you. 

We store all kinds of luggage – any size and any shape

LuggageHero’s users can store luggage of any size and/or shape in our store locations. It doesn’t matter if it is ski equipment, photo equipment, or backpacks. In other words, you can get baggage storage, suitcase storage, luggage deposit, or whatever our satisfied customers call it safely as we accommodate it all. LuggageHero’s customers can choose to be charged by the hour or our daily rate, regardless of what they store.

We can stow your bags for several days

LuggageHero also provides multi-day storage because flexibility is essential when traveling.

LuggageHero offers a lower daily rate when you store your luggage for longer. From the second day onwards, our customers pay from only $5.4 per bag per day.

Download LuggageHero’s free luggage storage app

You can download LuggageHero’s bag storage app for even more comfort and ease. There you can see all our locations.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.

Opening hours

We have a variety of stores with different opening hours, so choose what fits you best! Go and pick the store here to see the opening hours.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You don’t need to worry about having the right currency when paying online. All major credit cards are accepted. The shops do not receive cash when using LuggageHero. The insurance on your luggage is valid only if the payment has been made directly to LuggageHero.

We provide the solution to your luggage storage problem in verified shops

LuggageHero is here to free you from your luggage so you can explore Los Angeles without your bags. Go to our booking platform and find the nearest and most handy storage space inside a shop, hotel, or another business.

We verify all our luggage storage locations in Los Angeles and our other cities. Using the LuggageHero map, you can easily find the shops nearest to metro stops and attractions and store your luggage there. 

Is there a difference between left luggage and luggage storage?

Left luggage and luggage storage are the same things.  The term “left luggage” is mostly used in the UK. Luggage storage is the most common name used internationally for storing luggage. They are both defined by people’s need to store luggage that can be collected later. So whether you are looking for “left luggage” or “luggage storage,” LugaggeHero is here to take care of your belongings.


Unlike other luggage storage services, all our shops in Los Angeles have been reviewed by a LuggageHero employee, and each piece of luggage and its contents can be insured for up to .

You will not find any other luggage storage providers in Los Angeles that offer the same.

Why book luggage storage in Los Angeles with LuggageHero?

  • Convenience: We are the only service offering hourly and daily options,  so you can choose what best fits your plans for the most affordable price!
  • Flexibility: From overnight storage to just a few hours, our luggage storage options are as flexible as they get! We even have some stores where you don’t need a reservation.  Click here to check which stores.
  • Affordability: Our luggage storage facilities offer the best value for money
  • Trust: Our service has the best and the most reviews around. 

LuggageHero redefines convenience for travelers. Take advantage of our generous baggage allowance and leave your luggage and carry-on bags in our secure, innovative, and environmentally friendly locker storage. You can quickly bounce into our store and embark on adventures unburdened by heavy luggage! 

Cancellation of booking

For same-day cancellations, a fee of €5.00/$5.00/£5.00/DKK30.00 per bag will be charged for the booking, and no-shows, a fee equal to the daily rate at the selected storage location will be charged starting at $5.4 per bag.

Luggage storage chart

The chart below shows that LuggageHero is the best luggage storage option in Los Angeles. LuggageHero is the only one that offers both hourly and daily prices with the possibility of insurance. Luggage storage in Los Angeles has never been so easy!

The chart is created based on the most popular luggage storage options.

  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • LuggageHero
  • Daily, Hourly, & multi-day
  • Up to $3000
  • Yes
  • +140.000
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • NannyBag
  • Daily
  • Up to $1100
  • No
  • 27,802
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • Vertoe
  • Daily
  • Up to $5000
  • No
  • 4,708
  • Name
  • Pricing models
  • Insurance
  • Flexible arrival
  • Reviews
  • Radical Storage
  • Daily
  • No
  • No
  • 900

Download our free app

For greater convenience, you can download our LuggageHero bag storage app, which allows you to easily see all our locations around Los Angeles. With our luggage storage app, you can store your bags anywhere in our 1000+ locations.

Use LuggageHero anywhere with the official app for iPhone and Android.

Discount Vouchers – Click here to see if we have any available for Los Angeles.

It has also been featured in The New York Times, Lonely Planet, and CNBC.



Frequently Asked Questions about Los Angeles

What is the best way to get around LA?

Most neighborhoods are walkable around LA, and very bike friendly. If you prefer, you can always rent a car or use Uber of Lyft.

Is there metro in LA?

Yes! Los Angeles has metro, that keeps growing. It is also very affordable, $1.75/ride.

When is the best time to visit Los Angeles?

With such a nice weather all year round, there isn't really a bad time to visit LA. March-May and Sep-Nov are the seaons with less touristic activity, if you're looking for some more relaxed trip.

Is Los Angeles expensive?

It is true that LA can be quite pricey, especially in places like Malibu or Beverly Hills. But LA is a big city! Not every neighborhood is as expensive, and it's worth to stay in places like Silver Lake or Echo Park to save a penny.

Where can I store my luggage in LA?

You can find many luggage storage locations in Los Angeles. We recommend LuggageHero - it provides low-cost, easy luggage storage near popular Los Angeles sites.

How much does it cost to store luggage in Los Angeles?

The price for luggage storage in Los Angeles with LuggageHero is from $0.95/bag per hour.

Is there a limit to the size of luggage that may be stored with LuggageHero?

LuggageHero’s users can store luggage of any size and/or shape in any of our storage locations. It doesn’t matter if it is ski equipment, photo equipment, or backpacks - our luggage stores can accommodate all. LuggageHero’s customers can choose to be charged by the hour, or choose our daily rate - no matter their left luggage type.

Insurance and safe luggage storage

In the collaboration with First Marine Insurance Ltd., we are proud to be covering each piece of luggage free of charge every time you use our luggage service. The premium insurance is optional, you can easily add it when making your booking and it will cover your bags for up to $3,000/€2500 while being stored. On the other hand, if you decide not to add insurance, there is always a guarantee of $500. Make sure you do not pay cash in a drop-off/pick-up shop, because insurance will not cover any bookings that are not paid directly through LuggageHero

If anything happens to my luggage, what can LuggageHero do?

When you choose us, you select a risk-free option. If something unexpected occurs, our insurance covers your luggage up to $3000.

What will happen in case I have a problem with my booking?

If you encounter a problem with a luggage storage booking, you can email us at and we will get back to you and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

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